Review: Mexican Bowl Fishing and Other Tales of Life

Title: Mexican Bowl Fishing and other Tales of Life
Author: William Douglas Little
Date: June 20, 2008

I received this from Authorhouse. It was a Bostick Communications Email.

This book was such a quick and funny read that I read it in one sitting. I wasn’t sure when I started to read it but the very first short story was called “Eddie’s bad Day” made me change my mind. This story was funny. Its about a guy who has prepared for a presentation the night before and decided that he was going to stay home until it was time to leave for his meeting in the afternoon. He had no reason to go to the office. It was a time to take it easy and goof off. Well you know how Murphy’s Law works. If anything bad can happen it will. Eddie is struck by so many misfortunes that you can’t help but sit back and laugh.

The whole book is like that. One funny story after another. William has written 26 stories in this book. They are all filled with misfortunes that has happened to him all his life. When you read the stories you feel as though you have been in similar situations as him. From trips to Walmart and Speedy Lube to waiting for take out food from a Chinese restaurant. You can relate to William.

I have to say if you need a quick pick me upper then this is the book for you. It makes you realize that you are not the only one with bad luck, misfortune or minor complications in your life, that there is actually other people going through them too.

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