Books I have read in 2007

This was the first time that I kept track of what I read in a year.

-The Xmas Factor—Annie Sanders
-Break No Bones—-Kathy Reich
-Reality Tv Bites—-Shane Bolks
-Judge & Jury——-James Patterson
-Shopaholic & Baby-Sophie Kinsella
-The Kite Runner—-Khaled Hosseini-
Size 12 is not fat—Meg Cabot
-Size 14 is not fat—Meg Cabot
-Step on a Crack—-James Patterson
-Helpless————-Barbara Gowdy
-Sisterhood of the travelling pants–Ann Brashares (book 1-2-3-4)
-Bloodletting & Miraculous cures—Vincent Lamb
-19 minutes———-Jodi Picoult
-Glass Castle——–Jeanette Walls
-Shelf Monkey——Corey Redekop
-Angel Falls———Nora Roberts


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