Blogmas 2014 (Day 10)

Day 10blogmas

One of the best things about Christmas is all the baking and food I make.

One of my holiday staples is

Photo taken from The Spiffy Cookie on pinterest

a Peach Fruit Cake. (Check back this weekend for the recipe). I make this every year and we love it.


Mincemeat Tarts. I grew up with this. My mother would always make tons of these in November and freeze them for December. Super easy to make and all you need is froze tart shells (I can’t make pie crust if my life depended on it LOL) and a jar of mincemeat. Scoop to fill each tart cover with pie crust cut a slit to let the steam escape and bake until golden brown.


Another staple that I always make is called the Mincemeat Pillow Cookies (I will also have that recipe coming up on the blog very soon).


Finally the last thing I always make is Fudge. I always make two batches one with walnuts and the other plain. I will be sharing that on the blog very shortly as well.

What do you make for the holiday?