The Christmas 2014 Tag


This is the last Christmas Tag that I am taking from last year. I hope you are enjoying the replies to the questions and please let me know in the comments below if you are taking part.

Its hard to believe its that time of year again. It literally just feels like we did this yesterday. I am super excited because I have discovered that Michael still believes in Santa or perhaps he is just humoring me. I always worry that this will be the year he tells me he doesn’t.

I have tagged ALL of you guys to do this  so don’t forget to do this tag and then comment below with a link so I can read it! I look forward to seeing your replies to the questions.

Have fun and Merry Christmas.

1. Do you prefer a real Christmas tree or synthetic?

I prefer a real Christmas tree. Growing up we always had a real tree so that is all I really know. I love the smell of it when it comes in and throughout the Christmas holiday. Plus getting a real tree allows us to spend the afternoon with friends as we go and cut down our tree. The place we go to actually shows you how to cut the tree so that it will continue to grow which is amazing. Plus our trees don’t go into the garbage in the New Year our city has a pick up date and they mulch it.

2. You’re in a coffee shop, it’s December, what do you pick?

I would probably get a hot chocolate (depending on where I was) otherwise it would be the Starbucks Carmel Brulee latte or Chestnut Praline Latte. I love both of those drinks.

(this is our tree last year and I tend to decorate it the same way each year)

3. Whats your favourite colour scheme for decorating the tree?

For the past 15 years we have used multi colored lights on the tree but next year I am going for white ones because I would love to do my tree in white and red. I love that color scheme for a tree.

4. Giving or receiving?

I love giving presents at Christmas. I think everyone deserves to get a little something during the Christmas season no matter what it is. Its the thought that counts.

5. To mince pie or not to?

OMG I love mince pies. I make them every year. This was something I grew up with and to this day I continue to make them every year. Christmas isn’t complete without them.

6. What’s your traditional Sunday lunch?

I  would think you  are talking in reference to Christmas day. We don’t go to my in laws until dinner time so we tend to have a brunch which consist of eggs, bacon, ham, sausage, toast with fresh baked buns with orange juice and coffee and a bowl of fruit.

Christmas dinner is the whole works of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce, salad, potatoes and desserts.

7. Christmas day fashion?

We go to Christmas eve mass so we always dress up. Christmas day I always wear something new that I bought for the holiday. Not sure what it is this year as I haven’t really found what I am looking for but we always dress up Christmas day.

8. What’s your favourite Christmas song?

My all time favorite Christmas song is “Last Christmas” by Wham although I do like all versions of it. I love Christmas music and nothing beats the classic songs of the holiday season.

9. What’s your favourite Christmas film?

We have so many favorites from the classic cartoons to Miracle on 34th Street.

10. Open presents before or after lunch?

Christmas presents are opened before lunch. I have a child so there is no way he is going to wait much longer to open them up. When he was much younger we could literally do half before lunch and the rest after lunch but as he got older they are opened rather quickly.

I hope you enjoyed reading my replies and I look forward to yours.

All I Want For Christmas Is… #6

by #BookWishlist, #Christmas2014

alliwantforchristmas (1)

Danya from A Tapestry of Words started this fun little feature on her blog called All I Want For Christmas Is… and basically what you do is share your wishlist of books. I thought that this would be something fun to do perhaps on a weekly bases until Christmas. Can you believe we are a little over a month to go?

Its hard to believe that this is my last wishlist post for 2014. I can’t believe that Christmas is this week. Where did the time go?

I do believe that there is a weekly meme for wishlist book that I think I might look into for 2015. Do you know of any good ones?

Here is my 5 books this week:

5th Annual Broke & Bookish Secret Santa REVEAL



I have been on pins and needles for the post month wondering who I was going to get ( you can see what I sent) and who would get me.

The past few weeks have been a torture because everyone has begun to show what they got from their Secret Santa’s and I have been patiently waiting but through this process I met another awesome Canadian blogger (Lynne from ) via twitter who is waiting for her gift as well.

Well my wait is over:


My package arrived yesterday while I was at work so it was nice to come home to find this box waiting for me.


Look how pretty it looks. I really wanted to wait until Christmas to open this but all those packages were calling out to me. I had so much fun opening them as you will see in a upcoming vlog. (I am trying to upload it but having problems so I will need to wait until tonight when Michael can help me out.)



So my awesome Secret Santa was Jenn from Lost In A Great Book. I actually got to meet Jenn at BEA,  I believe 2012 at a Harper Collins party and I do believe we might have passed each other at another publisher party in 2013. Jenn is a Canadian book blogger.

I felt completely spoiled by Jenn and I love the whole gift she sent. It made my day considering the week we have been having here so it was nice.

I love the card she sent and its hanging up on my wall right now with the other Xmas cards. She also sent along a penguin tote bag that reads ” I’d Rather Be Reading”, a super cute bookmark which will be perfect to use because when I take a book to work I am always pulling it out of my book because its put in my tote bag so now it will hold the place perfectly, Wonderland Sticky Notes (with everything that is going on with our families, work and hockey I am constantly using sticky notes to keep track of things so this is handy), and Mixtape greeting note cards (does anyone else remember the cassettes? These are too cute)

The books I got are:


I just recently heard about Little White Lies and it sounds really good and I will probably read that very soon along with Let it Snow (perhaps my xmas read) and We Should Hang Out Sometime (perhaps at BEA? LOL)


Its like Jenn knows me in real life because she sent me this mug and I love mugs. This one is really nice and it has the titles of 24 Banned Books. A few I have read and this will be perfect to use during Banned Book Week which I plan on taking part in 2015. I love the mug because has the word BANNED embossed on it.

Thanks so much Jenn for the Secret Santa gift, I love every thing you sent. I truly appreciate it. Merry Christmas to you and your family.