Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Men


Good Morning and welcome to another Stocking Stuffer ideas post.

Today I am going to talk about stocking stuffers that you can get the man in your life. I have to admit I always have a hard time finding items to put into the stocking. Do you? I did start pretty early this year and was on the hunt for anything that was small, fun, unique and things that I knew he would like.

This is stocking from last Christmas (2014) and the ideas are usually the same. So I hope that this list will help you come up with some ideas of your own and please share anything that I could put in future stockings.


  • A new tooth brush and new paste (this is always a staple in our stockings)
  • chocolates (last year I went with our standard Lindt gold bear and some Kinder eggs)
  • hand warmers
  • deodorant (another staple)
  • a magazine (he never buys this but enjoys reading it)
  • a little note pad with a pen
  • a kool aide drink mix (he loves this)
  • a package of lottery tickets
  • gift cards for gas, Tim Horton’s and subway
  • a coupon booklet that he can redeem for things

There was some things missing since we cleaned up the tree the day after Christmas but some other ideas you can use are key chains, little pocket flashlights, shower gels, lip balms etc