GlossyBox November Edition


Glossybox is a bespoke box of 5-6 luxury-sized cosmetic and wellness samples hand-picked by our beauty experts and mailed directly to your door. No matter which subscription plan you choose, from once-a-month to just once, this box is perfect little present from you to you!

There are four different types of GLOSSYBOX subscriptions: a monthly package ($21/month), a 3-month package ($60), a 6-month package ($115), and a 12 month package ($220). All regular subscriptions are recurring, unless cancelled within the term deadline. Please note that Canadian addresses will incur a $5 shipping fee. So be sure to add $5 on to the above totals.

Please note that if you use my referral link and sign up I will receive points that I can use towards a free box, so I invite you to use THIS LINK it will be greatly appreciated.

Yesterday I got my first USA GlossyBox. I was super excited to get this because I have always loved GlossyBox when they were in Canada. This was one of my favorite subscription services.

The outer box has stayed the same as before as is the Glossy Box itself which is nice because the boxes can be reused for something else since they are sturdy and I believe all my previous Glossy Boxes are currently being used.



One thing I noticed right away was the product card. Its on cardstock which is nice. The product card list what the products are, suggest retail value (SRV) of the item, the size of the full size item and tips on how to use the product.

I love the card because its laid out with the item and its spread out and not jam packed on it.

Lets get into the box shall we. As you can see I got 5 items.





The first thing I smelled right away was the Kneipp Herbal Bath: Balancing Lavender. I just discovered what lavender can do for you within the last year or so and I have to say what they said was true. I have been using the oil for quite some time to helped me with my mental fatigue and getting me to sleep. So being able to try this herbal bath has been great. The tip suggest using half a bottle but I have been using less then that and I think I am going to get about 4 baths out of this bottle.

SRV = $20 for 3.38 fl oz and I got 0.67 fl oz $5.50

12 Benefits instant Healthy Hair Treatment. This is a leave in treatment that will help correct the damage from chemical processing, pollution and heat styling. The 12 benefits include seals color, smoothes, repairs, prevents split ends, moisturizes, and a few other things. It smells really good. I haven’t tried this yet because I am waiting to get my hair colored then I will test it out.

SRV= $20 for 6 oz and I got 1.5 oz $5

I believe I got something similiar in my Canadian Glossy Box at one point and its the Kryolan For Glossy Box. Its a Blusher in Glossy Pink. I went looking for it but I couldn’t find it (perhaps over Christmas I will). This is a blush that labelled for all so depending on your skin tone it will give different looks.

SRV= I believe this is a full size $16.17 for 0.09 oz (how weird of a price is that?)

OPI Nail Lacquer in Pink Outside The GlossyBox. I believe this was made just for GlossyBox which I think is really nice. It looks white in the photo but in real life its a very pale pink. Its a great color to put on when you want something on your nails but not alot of color. I love OPI polishes. I put this on yesterday and I am sure throughout this season and future ones this will be worn alot. I love that its a limited and special edition because you know only GlossyBox subscribers have this.

SRV= This is a full size item $9.50 for 0.5 fl oz

Finally the last item in the box is by Juice Beauty and its a Green Apple Age Defy Moisturizer.  I have gotten this brand before and I don’t recall if I have used my samples up hmm I will need to check on that. I like that this is suppose to replenish and firm your skin. I love that its organic as well. I am excited to try this out.

SRV= $45 for 2 oz and I got 0.5 fl oz for $11.25.

My over all thoughts on the first box is that I am truly impressed. I have been waiting for GlossyBox USA to finally ship to Canada once ours closed and I really hope that it stays and that we get amazing boxes. SRV wise this box was valued at $47.42 as you can see the box did pay for itself and I am quite pleased with what I got.

What do you think?

Glossy Box March Edition

 I was pleasantly surprised when my Glossy Box came in before it was suppose to. I honestly wasn’t expecting it until April according to the Canada Post tracking info I received. None the less I was happy.

I am always excited when Glossy Box comes in each month because I find they tend to be consistent in what they send each month in regards to full size products and the content.

I often wonder if I should continue my subscription and wonder if I always get my month’s worth out of the box and I have to say that I always get items that I might not normally buy on my own but I want to use so for now I think I am going to continue with my subscription.

The first item I pulled out of the box this month was:

 Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow Moisturizer. I like that this is in my shade Light to Medium and this leads to me think that they do read our profiles. Its a moisturzier that will allow you to look one shade darker in three days. I think this would be great to use as it gets wamer and you start taking off the layers. This is a full size item, its 120ml for $12.99

 Modelco Cheek + Lip Tint in Rosy Red. This is actually going to be my beef of the month. When I opened this it said that it delivers a perfect amount of sheer color for a naturally flushed “just pinched” cheeks and a sexy pout. Well when I tried this out it stained my finger red and it was too dark on my lips. Not sure I would use this on my cheeks. Another think that is part of my beef is that they said its a full size item 10ml for $24.00 I honestly don’t think my tube has 10 ml of product in it and if it is they why send out a huge tube for such a small sample.

 TRESemme Platinum Strength Deep Conditioning Treatment. This is suppose to reinforce hair’s naturally protective layer and restore the beauty of your hair and protect it against future damage. Its suppose to repair up to two years of damage in 5 uses. I have to say I am pretty thankfully with my hair because no matter what I have done to my hair (permed a few times back in the day and dye it constantly) it is always healthy.  This is a full size item, 177ml for $5.99

 BM (Beautiful Movements) Beauty Platinum Tiara Eye Shadow . This is 100% natural mineral eye shadow that is cruelty free and BUAV approved (Vegan) its a sparkling grey. I haven’t opened it yet as I honestly  have way to may shadows open but it looks like it would be a nice color. This isn’t a full size item since its only 1g ($5.40) and the full size is 2g for $10.80

Finally the last item out of the box is this:

L’Oreal Paris Youth Code Dark Spot Corrector Serum. This will fade dark spots giving you a even luminous skin. This is a full size item 30ml for $29.99 As I was reading the packaging it says for best results use with other Youth Code products. Is it just me or does this annoy anyone else? I hate when they do this.
As you can see the box did pay for itself $78.37 but I feel as though I would end up spending more just because of the Youth Code. I like to have all the products to get a feel for them so I am not sure what I will do with the Youth code. Perhaps I will wait and check out the sales or winners to see if they carry this.
What do you think of the box this month?
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Glossy Box February Edition

Happy Birthday Glossybox.

Glossybox is celebrating their very first Canadian birthday. Its hard to believe that I have been with Glossybox for an entire year. This is the only subscription that I have remained true to.

This month they changed the box in honor of their birthday and it came in a black box with a beautiful hot pink box on the lid. Doesn’t that look pretty?

 Inside the box you see they used black tisseue paper with the hot pink ribbon which I think is very nice. They even redid the sticker to match the box.

I was so thrilled to open this box even though I saw some spoilers. Please note that this is an unboxing post and I purchased this box, This month I ended up redeeming my glossy dots for the box.

 As you can see the lid of the box matches the sticker and hot pink crinkle paper inside to hold it all in place. There is a few goodies that I am super excited to try out.

This month there was another golden ticket opportunity and you had the chance to win a sassy pair of ruffle undies from Globlove sadly I didn’t win but I got a coupon for 25% off my order. I won’t be using the coupon because they don’t have anything in my size so if anyone is interested in it pleae let me know and I will tell you what the code is.

Lets get into the box shall we:


 I am super excited to try these it because two of the items are new to me and the other one is a brand I know and enjoy using.

~Anatomicals You Need a Blooming Shower! Your Nose Smells Rose Body Cleanser. This smells so good. Its rose and jasmine scented. I can’t wait to use this in the shower and honestly with it snowing once again I am longing for the spring scents so this will be great. Its a full size item. Its 150ml and its $3 (I really need to find out where to buy this since its so cheap)

~Macadamia Natural Oil, Healing Oil Treatment. I am excited to try this in my hair. This is another item that smells really good.  This is another full size item and its 30ml for $13.50

~Biore New Acne Cleansing Scrub. This is a new item from Biore and I am excited to try it out. This came at a good time because I have a slight break out starting and it will be great to see how it will work. This is another full size item and its 130g for $9.99

The following two pictures were bonus items.

 I have been hearing great things about Eucerin so being able to sample this is great. I got two samples of the Hyal-urea anti-wrinkle day/night cream sachet duo. This is great for dry  and very dry tight facial skin. This is a new product and its fragrance free which I love. The samples 1.5ml each (x2) and the full size is 50ml for $18.50

~Crabtree & Evelyn Tarocco Orange Eucalyptus & Sage ultra moisturizing hand therapy sachet. I haven’t tried alot oof Crabtree & Evelyn products because there isn’t one close to me so being able to sample this is great. Apparently from reading the card we will eventually get a full size of this in an upcoming box. Oh I hope I really like this. The sample is 5g and the full size will be 25g for $8.00

 This is an exclusive item to Glossybox its the cupcake kit. Which I think the liners are just too cute and I am almost tempted to make cupcakes or perhaps muffins with them.

Finally the last two items of the box. The first item is Givenchy Gloss Interfit No. 3 Coral Frenzy. I must have been lucky enough and had enough glossy dots to qualify for this and I am thrilled. I know I missed out on some glossy dots along the way but thrilled to have gotten this. The full size is  6ml for $30 and the sample is 3.5ml so half the size of the full size. Its got a nice smell and I actually like the look of this on me.

I was thrilled to have gotten this Essence  Quattro eyeshadow. This is full size (5g) and its $3.99. Its in the shade 02 chic-ify. I have been wanting to try Essence since I first spotted them a month ago in Shoppers Drug Mart in Ontario. This is affordable make up that seems to be only available in drug stores.

The Quattro’s shades are light pink, taupe, dark grey and silver. It will be fun to mix and match and play with the combinations that are available. The eye shadows are roughly the size of a quarter.

I am really happy with the box and what I got. I can’t wait to try everything out.

What do you think of the box? Did you get the same things?

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Glossy Box January Edition

Its not very often that I get two Glossy Boxes in one month but due to the Christmas Holiday my December box got delayed in shipping and I only got it late into January. Thankfully the January box came just in time for January.

I didn’t get to see any spoilers so this box was pretty much a surprise to me. So lets get into the box shall we.

As you can see we are back to our normal box and I love the box. All my previous boxes have come in handy for storing things in them. They are sturdy to be reused.

The first item I saw in the box was this Wella Professionals Brilliance Leave-In Mousse. I have never tried this before and I am a little curious about it. Looking forward to trying this out in February. This is a full size product and its SRV is $17.99 for 190g

This is something that is new to me but I have heard of the brand before, its the Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. This is perfect if you want to have a fuller pout without the injections. I don’t know what size this is but if you were to purchase a full size it would be $28.00 for 0.2oz

I actually liked the smell of it and can’t quite place what it is and I did notice like a tingling and then a burning sensation happen. I actually noticed that within a few seconds it felt itchy. Within about 5 minutes it went away and I have to admit that I didn’t notice a fuller pout and the only thing I noticed with redder lips. I don’t think I would purchase this.

Yes you are seeing that right, its another Burt’s Bees Naturally Nourishing Milk & Honey Body Lotion. This is the same thing that I got in my Glymm bag this month. I have to admit that I prefer getting it like this then the little sample we got in Glymm. I honestly think that Glymm could have sent a size like this but aways that’s a whole other rant.

This is a sample of 25g and the full size is 170g for $12.99 I have never used a Burt’s Bee lotion before so I am excited to try it out. If its anything like their lip glosses then I am sure I will love it.

This is actually the Glossy Box best in moisture item and I know some people complained about what they got and I have to say that I am really pleased and happy that I got this. I have gotten this in previous boxes and loved it. Its the perfect size to shove in a make up bag or your purse and it seems like just as I am about to run out I get another sample size.

Another item that caused an uproar is the Nivea Essential Lip Care. I haven’t opened this yet just because I am currently using up a Nivea lip balm that I recently bought because of my dry lips. I like Nivea and I find that it does nourish my dry lips. This is s full size item 4.8g for $2

This is a bonus item and its the Beauty So Clean cosmetic Sanitizing Wipes. They sent me 12 sample wipes. Now this is one of those things that I have gotten so many off and that I don’t really use since I don’t share my make up and I really wish that they would stop sending them out. The full size is a 48 pack for $12.50

So that was my Glossy Box for January and I have to admit its not an overall favorite of mine but I do like what they sent apart from those wipes. What do you think of the box this month?

I am curious to see what February will bring since its their first year anniversary and I have been with them since day one.

The only thing that disappoints me is that they are going to reward the subscribers with the highest glossydots a special deluxe item. I really think that if they are going to do that they should at least send a little something to the subscribers who have been with them since day 1. What do you think of that?

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Glossy Box- December Edition

If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on facebook you know that I always enjoy Glossy Box because I personally find that they are pretty consistent month to month with the products they give and honestly everything they send is affordable in my opinion and pretty much attainable at your local pharmacy or retail store. Which is nice if you can’t afford high end items that are in some of the other boxes.

Shipping was a little off this month and I only just got this box today. Its due to the high volume of mail during the holiday season and short mail weeks. Hopefully January’s will be better.

This month it was a little different as you can tell the box is silver/gray in color but its the same sturdy box. We also got another Glossy Mag. I enjoy looking through it but I honestly hate the fact that there is alot of high end products listed in this magazine and nothing relating to the box or the items in the box.
I think if you are marketing your box with pharmacy brand products then you should have a magazine that reflects that in my opinion.
This is the inside lid of the box as you can see its silver/gray inside. I kind of like the look of the box this month. Its a nice little change from the standard box.
This month GlossyBox teamed up with LouLou magazine. I am a little disappointed since I was hoping that there might have been a discount to Glossy Box members for a subscription to the magazine which there wasn’t.
As you can see the package is tied up with a silver/gray ribbon which looks very nice with the box.
The first item I pulled out of the box was this bonus item of earrings from Nobia. They are pretty but sadly I don’t have pierced ears so this will be passed on to someone who does.
Next is the Avon Lip Radiance in Silver Foil. Its a lip gloss. I did a little swatch on my hand and it appears to be a clear gloss with some silver (glitter)  in it. It looks rather pretty on my hand. There is no smell to it and it appears not to be very sticky but honestly after reading some comments on the facebook page, (GlossyBox)  this is apparently a discontinued product. Do I really want to use this?
This is a full size item but when I got to the site I can’t even find this listed so I have no idea how much this cost. Not finding it on the site leads me to believe its discontinued.
I was excited to find a nail polish in my box and its by Revlon. You know me and my love affair with nail polish. Especially Revlon.
Its in the shade Tuscan Sun. I really like the shade and I don’t have anything in my collection this color. It smelled like nail polish  and it went on nicely but this too according to people posting on the GlossyBox face book page said this was a discontinued item.
Now knowing that these are possibly discontinued items annoys me. Would it bother you?
Its a full size polish (14.7ml)  valued at $5.99
Another item that I will be passing on to someone who can use them is these special edition (just for Glossy members) fake lashes. They are a full size item valued at $12.50
They look really nice and feel nice but honestly I am afraid to put any kind of glue near my eyes.
Something I am excited about is this TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. I saw this in the US this summer and was going to buy it but I changed my mind because I actually have a few dry shampoos to use up so getting this now its perfect. I can’t wait to try it out.
The full size is 161g for $5.99 and the sample is 56g for $2.08
Another bonus item they sent was the TRESemme split remedy packet. Which is actually nice because I now have enough for a full week to try it out (I got some packets in the mail recently)
The full size is 700ml for $5.99 and I got 9ml of Shampoo/Conditioner for $0.08
Finally I got two products by Aveeno and they were Positively Ageless day spf 30 moisturizer and Positively Radiant  tinter Moisturizer in fair to light which is perfect for me.
Now honestly after reading about two discontinued items in the box I was a little hesitate of these but I see that the Positively Ageless moisturizer expires in 12/2013 and the Positively Radiant  expires in 09/2013.
So these were full size items and the Positively Ageless is 75ml for $25.99 and the Positively Radiant is the same 75ml for $22.99
I like Aveeno so it will be nice to try these out.
As you can see the box did pay for itself with the Aveeno alone but I am a little disappointed knowing that two of the items are possibly discontinued?
Would you use them just the same?
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Glossybox November Edition

Glossy Box is my second favorite beauty box subsciption services out there. Although this month I was a little nervous because in October they announced that it was going to be $21/month and you know what that means with a price increase? Less products or even crappy products but I have to say I am impressed with this months box.

I am always a little jealous of the US Glossy Boxers because they always seem to get a Glossy Mag in their boxes. I really hope they continue this perhaps not with every box but at least four times a season.

With that being said, I was a litte diappointed with it because there was nothing really related to the items we got in our boxes or in our boxes. There was alot of higher end items which not all of us can afford.

As you can see Glossy Box went all holiday themed this month and I thought that was a really nice touch. The outer box remained the same it was just inside with the tissue paper, ribbob and sticker. I wonder if the other boxes will follow suit in December?
This is a close up of the sticker and tissue paper. I wish this picture did the packaging justice but it doesn’t. The box was heavy like it always has been. I think this is why I love Glossy Box, they seem to be constent with what they send out.
Are you ready to get into this month’s box? I sure am….
If you remember Kryolan sent us Glossy Boxer’s an exclusive item a few boxes (lipstick) and this month they sent us another exclusive item, its a blush. I honestly don’t have any blushes so having one that is an exclusive item makes me excited to try it out.
Its in the shade Glossy Rosewood (sorry for the blurry picture) Its a very nice shade when it swatches and I am sure it will look very nice.

Its a full size 2.5g and its $16.73

For some reason I have never seen this in the stores because I am sure I would have bought it had I. Its Maybelline’s MNY my gloss. It goes on clear with some glitter. I think it would look really nice on top of a lip stick. I like the consistency of it.

This is another full size item. Its 9ml for $7.49

I always get excited when the beauty boxes include a nail polish and finally someone got it right with sending something that is holiday-ish. Unlike another beauty box I got recently that sent me a summer shade that they classify as a holiday color and they continued to tell me to try it out saying I would like it, I did like it but wouldn’t wear it during the holidays because it was a summer shade.

Anyways this is a full size product. Its Nicole by OPI its in the Kardashian Kolor holiday shades collection. I haven’t bought or used anything in this line until now. (I am not a Kardashian fan!)

15ml for $10.99 and its in the shade A Gold Winter’s Night. I really like this and I am sure it will look really nice on top of a darker shade of polish since its a clear polish with glitter in it.

This is a new to me item. I have never heard or seen this around so I am excited to use this and as you know I love all kinds of bath products. Its Vitabath Moisturizing bath and shower gelee.
This is what I found online about this:
In the shower or bath, Vitabath moisturizing gelee gently cleanses with a luxurious, creamy lather. Nutrient-rich formulas contain Vitamins A and E and botanical extracts to help soothe, condition and moisturize the skin.

The classic Vitabath® moisturizing gelee has nearly twice the essential ingredients and half as much water as other brands. Quality ingredients and rich fragrances indulge the senses and nourish the skin for a relaxing and invigorating, at-home spa experience.

Benefit from the Fragrance Collection Body Wash Skin Nourishing Formula!

• Vitamin A, B3, B5, C & E
• Sulfate & Paraben Free
• Antioxidant Rich Superfruit Blend of Acai, Goji, Coffee Fruit, Noni, Pomegranate, Green Tea & Mangosteen
• No Petro-Chemicals or Triclosan
• Free of propylene glycol, DEA, TEA, mineral oils and silicone.

This is actually a full size item. 60g for $15.00 and 170g for $18.00. I got 60g. I love the smell and not sure what it is exactly since I can’t seem to find it on the bottle but looking on the website I think its this In Bloom BEACH BLOSSOM with Passion Flower Extract.

Another brand I know very well and really like is Curel. I know we have gotten similar in previous boxes but honestly I don’t mind I really like since its something I use all the time. This time we got hand & Cuticle Therapy Cream. Winter time is always brutal on my hands and I need something that will last with numerous hand washings and this does it.

This is another full size item. Its 100ml for $3.99

I believe I got this shampoo and conditioner in a previous box but honestly I don’t mind because I did use up the last bottle I got from a previous box and really liked it. I liked the smell and the way it made my hair feel after using it. This is actually on my list to repurchase when I run out of the ones I am have on hand.
The shampoo is 400ml for $9.99 (full size) and the sample is 89ml for $2.22
The conditioner is 400ml for $14.99 (full size) and the sample is 89ml for $3.36
The final item in the box was this Uber Loyalty card giving us 50% off online purchases. Not sure if this will be something I would use since I have to pay for shipping but I might hold on to it and check the site for sales or promos.
So the value of the box is almost $60 and thats not including the loyality card. As you can see the box did pay for itself and I am excited to use the items.

What did you get? What did you think?

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GlossyBox October Edition (Canadian)

If your new to my blog and are wondering what GlossyBox is let me tell you.

– Glossybox is based out of so many countries so you will have to google to find out if you are able to get it. (Austria, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Spain, China, Japan, Taiwan)

-This is the Canadian box and it only ships within Canada.

– Its now $21 a month and its a recurring charge.

– You can expect to receive 5 deluxe beauty samples a month.

– Each month you will be asked to provide feedback on the products you receive and in turn earn glossy dots which can then be redemed for a free box. Please note that I think the glossy dots expire. When I looked into my account I see that I don’t have has much as before so you have to keep checking.

So lets get into the October box shall we.


I was pleasantly surprised to get this on Halloween  Day so this was my little treat.

I was a little anxious to see what Glossybox was going to send because in September we got emails saying that the box would be increased to $21 but thankfully since I am a subscriber I was able to get this box for $15 but starting in November it will be $21. I currently have enough points to redeem for a free box which I will be doing for December (my birth month) and after that I honestly don’t know what I will be doing. It will all depend on what the next two boxes are like.

One of the things I love is that they haven’t changed the packaging. These boxes are fantastic and you can reuse them over and over again. I am hoping to eventaully make a little dresser out of them to hold make etc in.
Inside the black envelope was the product card, along with a booklet on Jouviance (I have never heard of this until this box, I will be reading up on them), Caroline Neron flyer with a 10% off her jewelry collection, and a coupon for a free 198g Satin Care sahve gel when you buy any Venus cartridge (value of $3.99)
The first items I spotted right away were the Sebastian Shampoo and conditioner. If you have seen previous posts you know that we always get either Sebastian or Wella products and honestly I don’t really mind them since they are perfect for traveling with.
This month they sent Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo and conditioner. I love that is perfect for all hair types. I like the smell of both of these items and I can’t wait to try them out soon.
The sample size is (shampoo) 50ml for $3.16
The full size is 250ml for $15.79
The sample size is (conditioner) 50ml for $3.32
The full size is 250ml for $16.59
Jouviance Rejuvenating anti aging Cream Normal to dry skin treatment. This is perfect for my skin type and I will give it a try to see if I like it. Although I won’t buy it because its expensive.
The sample is 5ml for $9.35
The full size is 50ml for $93.50
This has been one of many razors I have gotten in the beauty boxes lately but honestly I’m not really complaining because you can always use a razor. So having some lying around is great as back ups because I always forget to buy them when I am out.

This is a full size product and they say its $16.99 but I am sure I saw it some where recently for much cheaper.

I was so thrilled to see a nail polish in the box this morth and this is one of four that have been picked out for this month to represent the diverse women who have breast cancer all over the world. So far in posts I have only seen this one and a litter pink.
I got mine in the shade of Rory. I have to say that it looks much darker in the bottle then when I applied it.
I really like it. Its a perfect summer shade and I can see me using this alot in the spring/summer months.
This is a full size product 15ml for $8.00
Another new to me item is this Modelco flipstick lip duo. The other side holds a mirror.
The shade is in Dusk and in the pictures it looks brownish but I have to say that I really like the color on my. Its got a fruity smell to it but when you apply it there is nothing.  This is a swatch on the top of my hand.
This is a swatch on my inside arm.
The other side had lip gloss called Striprease and this too and a fruity smell. It felt sticky on my lips. It goes on clear.
The bottom swatch is the gloss and the top is the lipstick and the gloss. It looks very nice alone and with the gloss.
The only thing that I really don’t like is the packaging as its bulky to hold and I really don’t think they realized that when they put the mirror on how useless it would be because you can’t use it for that purpose.
This is another full size its a special item for Glossybox members $38.75

Its nice that no one else but us glossyboxers have this item and sadly this won’t be something I would purchase because I think this is a little expensive for this.

My over all thoughts is that its a pretty decent box. I am liking what I got and excited to try these items out.
The total value of the box is $83.56 (this includes the coupon) and I used the prices they provided. So the box did pay for itself and there is items I am excited to try and use.

I am curious to see what November will bring.

Did you get Glossybox this month? What did you think of it? Was it worth the money this month? What are you excited to use from it?

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