Glossy Box- December Edition

If you are a regular reader of my blog or follow me on facebook you know that I always enjoy Glossy Box because I personally find that they are pretty consistent month to month with the products they give and honestly everything they send is affordable in my opinion and pretty much attainable at your local pharmacy or retail store. Which is nice if you can’t afford high end items that are in some of the other boxes.

Shipping was a little off this month and I only just got this box today. Its due to the high volume of mail during the holiday season and short mail weeks. Hopefully January’s will be better.

This month it was a little different as you can tell the box is silver/gray in color but its the same sturdy box. We also got another Glossy Mag. I enjoy looking through it but I honestly hate the fact that there is alot of high end products listed in this magazine and nothing relating to the box or the items in the box.
I think if you are marketing your box with pharmacy brand products then you should have a magazine that reflects that in my opinion.
This is the inside lid of the box as you can see its silver/gray inside. I kind of like the look of the box this month. Its a nice little change from the standard box.
This month GlossyBox teamed up with LouLou magazine. I am a little disappointed since I was hoping that there might have been a discount to Glossy Box members for a subscription to the magazine which there wasn’t.
As you can see the package is tied up with a silver/gray ribbon which looks very nice with the box.
The first item I pulled out of the box was this bonus item of earrings from Nobia. They are pretty but sadly I don’t have pierced ears so this will be passed on to someone who does.
Next is the Avon Lip Radiance in Silver Foil. Its a lip gloss. I did a little swatch on my hand and it appears to be a clear gloss with some silver (glitter)  in it. It looks rather pretty on my hand. There is no smell to it and it appears not to be very sticky but honestly after reading some comments on the facebook page, (GlossyBox)  this is apparently a discontinued product. Do I really want to use this?
This is a full size item but when I got to the site I can’t even find this listed so I have no idea how much this cost. Not finding it on the site leads me to believe its discontinued.
I was excited to find a nail polish in my box and its by Revlon. You know me and my love affair with nail polish. Especially Revlon.
Its in the shade Tuscan Sun. I really like the shade and I don’t have anything in my collection this color. It smelled like nail polish  and it went on nicely but this too according to people posting on the GlossyBox face book page said this was a discontinued item.
Now knowing that these are possibly discontinued items annoys me. Would it bother you?
Its a full size polish (14.7ml)  valued at $5.99
Another item that I will be passing on to someone who can use them is these special edition (just for Glossy members) fake lashes. They are a full size item valued at $12.50
They look really nice and feel nice but honestly I am afraid to put any kind of glue near my eyes.
Something I am excited about is this TRESemme Fresh Start Volumizing Dry Shampoo. I saw this in the US this summer and was going to buy it but I changed my mind because I actually have a few dry shampoos to use up so getting this now its perfect. I can’t wait to try it out.
The full size is 161g for $5.99 and the sample is 56g for $2.08
Another bonus item they sent was the TRESemme split remedy packet. Which is actually nice because I now have enough for a full week to try it out (I got some packets in the mail recently)
The full size is 700ml for $5.99 and I got 9ml of Shampoo/Conditioner for $0.08
Finally I got two products by Aveeno and they were Positively Ageless day spf 30 moisturizer and Positively Radiant  tinter Moisturizer in fair to light which is perfect for me.
Now honestly after reading about two discontinued items in the box I was a little hesitate of these but I see that the Positively Ageless moisturizer expires in 12/2013 and the Positively Radiant  expires in 09/2013.
So these were full size items and the Positively Ageless is 75ml for $25.99 and the Positively Radiant is the same 75ml for $22.99
I like Aveeno so it will be nice to try these out.
As you can see the box did pay for itself with the Aveeno alone but I am a little disappointed knowing that two of the items are possibly discontinued?
Would you use them just the same?
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4 thoughts on “Glossy Box- December Edition

  1. Alexia561 says:

    Nice box! I would still use the discontinued products, as I’ve bought discontinued items before from the bargain shelf and never had any problems. Really enjoy these posts!

  2. Andrea Murdock says:

    I was so disappointed with this month’s box. It used to be a more makeup focused box and I looked forward to learning more about new brands or new products from brands we know. We have gottten Aveeno before which disappoints me. I ended up cancelling after that last few months. I know now I prefer more makeup focused boxes. I think this is a fun box for someone just starting out into the subscription box world. I cancelled my subscription last night :(. I read about Ipsy on your blog and am going to try them out and also I think you mentioned a lip factory box or something? I also get Topbox, Loosebutton (cancelling), glymm and beauty box 5. I want to see if there are any other ones that will come to Canada and perhaps drop a few more of the ones I am on to try something new.

  3. Kate Midnight Book Girl says:

    I love the earrings, and I’m so sad your ears aren’t pierced (although one of my favorite parts of watching daytime soaps when I was a kid was when the women would answer the phone whilst taking off the clip on earring).

    I love dry shampoo! I’m trying to train my hair not to be washed every day and dry shampoo helps- especially when I go to the trouble of actually straightening it!

    I love how much you love nail polish!

  4. MGolds says:

    I have nothing against discontinued cosmetics-heck I just bought my fave brand of nail polish in a shade from their 2011 collection.

    For a beauty box that claims to be high end and with recent trends…they should not be putting those items in there.

    Also what worries me is that the Revlon and Avon did not come from Revlon or Avon- but a “third party”
    -meaning it could be from anywhere, ebay even and you have no idea how those items are stored.

    I have a post on my blog with actual statements from Glossybox sayiing they obtain some items from third parties in the past.

    To add insult to injury they are not even offering to replace these bad items.

    I just did a chargeback with my credit card for items not as described and mentioned how Glossy was being unhelpful, sent me spoiled items from 2005….

    -hope you can check out my blog and subscribe.
    Now I can sign up for seasonsbox after having one less sub!!

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