Are you planning on going to BEA in May 2013? Looking for a roomie?

I know you are probably cringing already seeing this kind of post so early in the year and I am sorry for that. Although BEA is technically a little more then four months away so its never to early to plan right?
But, the purpose of this post is to put a feeler out there for anyone who is thinking of going but the thought of the price is freaking you out.
This year it will be a little more expensive to attend BEA since they have put into effect a fee to enter. I think a three day pass is $104 and that is an early bird fee with no Book Blogger Convention. Its a little more if you plan on attending the BBC.
Anyways the purpose of this post is that I am planning on attending again for what is possibly my third and final time. I had a blast at the last two.
Once again I am in search of roomies for the week. The first year I went I shared with another blogger and then last year I shared with three other bloggers so that brought the price down alot. Honestly the only way I can attend is by sharing with fellow bloggers.
If you are thinking of going and looking for a roomie, would you consider sharing with me? If so please leave me a comment with contact info so that I can get in touch with you?

Thanks for reading this.

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2 thoughts on “Are you planning on going to BEA in May 2013? Looking for a roomie?

  1. Kate Midnight Book Girl says:

    If I could, I would totally room with you! But the only way I can afford to go is to stay with Midnyte Reader- she lives outside of New York, but as cool as it was staying in Manhattan, I’m looking forward to seeing other parts of the state. I’m totally available to give you a glowing recommendation to prospective roomies!

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