Cover Reveal: Myrtle the Turtle

Title: Myrtle The Turtle
Author: Chris Jones
Illustrator: Becca Wain
Pub Date:


Did you know there are only around 700 hawksbill turtles left on the planet? Myrtle is one such turtle.

This beautiful children’s picture book tells her story and introduces us to the challenges climate change poses for these beautiful creatures. Narrated through perfect rhyme, Myrtle’s story blends positivity with a dose of realism.

Climate change is something none of us can ignore. Yet the story of Myrtle does not seek to scare or intimidate young minds. Rather, the message is of hope and inspiration.

Explore this beautiful and heart-warming story that champions the beauty of our normal world and the wonders of conservation.

Recommended age group is 3-9.

Author Bio
For as long as he can remember, Chris has had a huge passion for storytelling. When his son Jesse was a young boy, instead of reading bedtime stories, they would make up their own far-fetched tales around the fictional superhero Deadly Derek. In fact, this has remained his main Google account name ever since, which means that upon joining Zoom calls, his name appears as “Deadly Derek” – much to the amusement of his network!

2021 has marked Chris’ entry into children’s picture book writing. And he’s been busy, publishing five fantastic books over the year. His talent for writing original and captivating stories around powerful messages is so evident – a rising star for sure!

Besides having a great story to tell, Chris believes the best children’s picture books have three key ingredients. The first is natural rhyme – words that feel like they should be there, not just because they match with another. The second is tantalising words and grammar – Chris’s books will stretch a younger reader’s vocabulary, and he uses a variety of tools to make the words roll off the tongue. And the final ingredient? Well, they must have beautiful illustrations to bring the story to life. For this, he relies totally on the genius of Becca Wain and her wonderful visual translation of his verses.