Great Summer Reads Day 17 – The Three Crowns Series (Seven Books and Free Novella)/Kindle Edition



I grew up in Southeast Missouri; home
of the Throwed Rolls, high cotton, and the St. Louis Cardinals. I have a little
family consisting of son, daughter, son-in-law and a little Pi. Other than my
children (and grandchild), my passion is writing. My current project is The
Three Crowns Series. Sweet Tea is the first book in this seven-novel series
which published October 15, 2013.
Besides reading and writing, I enjoy singing. I love music period. Music is in
our family. Whether it be the bluegrass from the Ozarks that my Grandpa Sutton
use to play on his banjo or fiddle, or the smooth, family harmony in which I am
fortunate enough to sing with my Dad and Brother. But you can give me some
kickin’ AC/DC too! I like it all!

I work full-time as an Administrative Assistant. Every free moment is dedicated
to my family and my current project, The Three Crowns, a seven-novel paranormal
romance series.


It all starts with a Queen and a Plan.


The Three Crowns is a New
Adult/Paranormal Romance series. There are seven books to complete the series,
with a novella. This series has your modern day vampires dealing with the Old
World Laws creating a struggle for ultimate power in the Night World.

The Three Crowns series is about a normal girl whose life is more than what she
will allow herself to imagine. It is the journey of her accepting that
everything is not black and white, and our logic of what we understand does not
mean something does exist. Throughout the story she is protected, loved,
groomed and pushed to her limits to prepare her for what lies ahead of her. She
is tested in all areas of her humanity which will someday bring her to know the
person she is destined to be. The human nature of love is a tangled web of
emotions for she feels the love of two men who are continually being taken away
from her for the sake of their positions in the future as well.


looked back in the large room. Two major battles were taking place. I knew they
both would be to the death. The warriors were like beautiful gods fighting
demons from hell! Yet, they were all, the same. Their bodies were all
well-defined, and their powers were like nothing I could imagine. They each
fought with the force of what seemed like a hundred men. They weren’t human.
The inhuman strength was not the only sign. Their eyes burned red and silver
through the smoke, like laser beams in the fog of smoke. Their eyes were all I
could see of their faces. And that was enough. That is what defined them. That
is how I knew the good from the bad. And in those few moments that I stood
watching the mêlée, a realization washed over me.
battle was over humanity.
battle was over light vs. darkness.


battle was over…me.


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