Review/ Recipe for Adventure

I am a little embarrassed to say that I have had Recipe For Adventure, the first book in the series, sitting on my shelves since May of 2013. I have no idea why I never read it at the time since it was the first book in a new series and it was a super fun and quick read.

I was lucky enough to have had  the chance of meeting Giada and she was a super sweet. She took a few minutes to talk to everyone waiting in line to get their book signed.

This is the first book in a eight book middle grade series. The books in this series are: Paris, Hong Kong, New Orleans, Rio de Janeiro,  Hawaii, Miami, and Philadelphia.

The books follow brother and sister duo, Alfie (short for Alfredo) and Emilia along with their aunt Zia. When Zia is offered pizza she tells the kids that they don’t know pizza like she knows pizza and scolds the family for not having more home cooked meals. That evening she takes it upon herself to whip up some magical zeppoles.  BTW there is a recipe for zeppole and pizza in the back of the book that I can’t wait to try and make. After the kids eat the zeppole they are magically transported to Naples.

The kids are confused on how that happen but go along with the adventure. They meet a boy named Marco. Marco’s in a rush to go and pick up the best ingredients for the pizza festival because his family is determined to win it this year. Marco soon realizes that they are being followed by another boy named Enzo.

As the story progresses we soon realize that there is more to Marco and Enzo will the two boys ever get along? Can Alfie and Emilia make the family change their minds?

This was a super cute book that was so much fun to read. I think this would be perfect for any child who loves to read about traveling and food. I devoured this in one sitting.