Important Update…

Hi Everyone.

As much as this currently pains me, I have to take a break from my blog for a little bit until I get this health issue resolved.

Here is what has happened to date:  Wednesday as I was getting ready for the day I noticed that my left hand was feeling funny. I instantly checked for any symptoms of a stroke and there was none. I had a slight pinching in my shoulder and thought it was a pinched nerve so I made an appointment with my physiotherapist and she did some test and put it down to that but then Friday I was experiencing more numbness so I went to the hospital and went through the works of blood test, a CT scan and a EKG and every thing came out okay.

The resident dr I had in ER was fantastic and managed to get me an appointment with a neurologist for Saturday morning which I have seen and he completed a bunch of test and he currently isn’t sure what this sensitivity issue is and I have to go for a MRI hopefully this week.

So this is why I am deciding to take a short break because this message has already taken me 45 minutes to type. I do have some things scheduled to go up as scheduled in the next little while.

Hopefully I will be back asap.