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Today Nicole Conway, Owl Hollow Press, and Rockstar Book Tours are revealing the cover and an exclusive content for SCALES, her new MG/YA Fantasy Book which releases in 2019! Check out the awesome cover
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On to the reveal! 
Title: SCALES (Spirits of Chaos, #1)
Author: Nicole Conway
Pub. Date: 2019
Publisher: Owl Hollow Press
Formats: Paperback, eBook
Pages: ?
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When New York City faces the threat of an ancient evil, a teenage boy must use a magical
bracelet to transform into a monster-slaying dragon superhero.
Koji Owens is the new kid … again. As the only son of an Air Force F-16 pilot, he’s learned to adapt and survive every time they move. It’s not easy starting over with new friends and schools every two
years, but when the Owens family makes their final move to New York, Koji finally
has hope for a normal high school life—that is, until he finds a strange bracelet in his locker.
Transformed into a storm-summoning dragon warrior, Koji finds himself caught up in a world of ancient powers, secret identities, and colossal monsters threatening to destroy his new home. But these awesome powers come with strings attached, and revealing his true identity could mean losing everything he loves. With his family and friends now in mortal danger and New York City in flames, Koji must find the courage to become the hero they need and face down an enemy hiding in plain sight.
A comic-obsessed teenage misfit embraces his inner hero in this action-packed adventure that will leave you ready to get your scales on!
Exclusive Excerpt!
Piercing light bloomed from the totem scale.
It swept over me and took away my pain, molding and stretching me into my full
dragon form. The instant the searing energy coursed through my body, I launched
myself into the sky.
I didn’t have a single second to waste.
Now that I was a beast of comparable size, I
crested the skyscrapers in a few powerful beats of my wings. From a few blocks
away, the wyvern spotted me. It let out a howl of fury as it surged straight
for me. I answered with a battle cry of my own, driving more and more power
into every beat of my mighty black wings.
Two F-22 fighter jets rolled in on either
side, joining me in aerial formation. Their engines roared, and both pilots
gave me a confirming thumb’s up. They were following me in for the attack.
I’d never felt so cool in my entire life.
I clashed with the wyvern in the air over
Central Park, clamping my jaws around his throat. I prepared to give him a
taste of my lightning, the same way I had the crocodile monster. One good jolt
and maybe I could bring him down.
Before I get a good grip, he swung his spiked
tail and whacked me across the eyes. I let go, snatching back with a roar.

He dove at me; his toothy mandible jaws open wide to rip my throat out.
A sudden plume of fire scorched his hide and
sent him reeling. I drew back, wary of the blistering flames.

Another giant dragon clashed in battle, had scales as red as fresh blood
and a ridge of tall, slender black spines all the way down her back. My breath
caught. Madeline? She’d gone full-form, too?
She attacked the wyvern mercilessly, pinning
him under another blast of her fiery breath.

Shaking off the blow to my head, I charged headlong back into the fight,
lightning sizzling and popping off my open jaws. We had to get him on the
ground. If we could pin him there, he’d be within range of ground fire and an
easier target for our air support. We could contain the damage to the rest of
the city, too.
So I went for one of the wyvern’s wings

Fyurei had him distracted. He never saw me coming. I swooped in to break
one of his wings at the shoulders with a single powerful crunch of my jaws and
sharp jerk of my head. The creature screeched and kicked, floundering with his
one good wing and swinging his tail like a medieval mace. The bulbous, spiky tip
struck one of the F-22 jets and sent the aircraft flipping through the air end
over end. Not good. I watched the aircraft fall, waiting for the pilot to

He didn’t.

I didn’t hesitate—I dove straight after the jet, summoning every bit of
speed I had. The jet spiraled, smoking and streaking toward the ground. I threw
myself the final distance with a desperate cry, jaws open wide.
I caught the tail of the jet in my teeth
about a hundred feet shy of the ground. As soon as my jaws clamped onto the
metal, I reared back, kicked my legs out, and flared for an emergency landing
right in the middle of the park.
It took a second for the dust, snow, and
trees to settle.
Picking the jet carefully out of my mouth, I
held it up to my huge dragon eyeball like a little kid’s toy. Inside the
cockpit, the tiny pilot was giving me a shaky thumb’s up. He was okay.
I gave him my best dragon smile, terrifying
as it probably was, and placed his jet, right side up, on a grassy spot in the
park. Then I turned around to get back to business. I still had some wyvern
rear end to roast and an evil headmaster in dire need of reeducation.
About Nicole:


MY NAME IS NICOLE CONWAY and I love to write stories! I’ve been writing books since I was very
young, and am blessed beyond measure to be able to do it now as a full time career. Although I sometimes step out into other genres, I primarily write Fantasy for teens and middle graders.
I graduated from Auburn University in 2012, which is also where I met my husband. As a military
family, we move frequently and have lived numerous places all around the world.
We have one very energetic son, Ethan. We also have two dogs (French Brittanys)
named Joey (currently 5 months old) and Phoebe (4 years old) and a ball python
named Noodle Nagini.
For inquiries on how to book me for a school visit, presentation, or interest in my future or
current projects, please contact my amazing literary agent, FRAN BLACK, of Literary Counsel.

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