Review/ Me and Me

About the Book:

Title: ME AND ME
Author: Alice Kuipers
Pub. Date: October 2, 2018
Publisher: KCP Loft

Formats: Hardcover, Paperback, eBook

Pages: 248

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It’s a perfect day for Lark’s dream date with Alec from school. Blue skies, clear water, a canoe on the lake. Alec even brought flowers for Lark’s birthday. Everything is just right … until they hear screams from the edge of the water.

Annabelle, a little girl Lark used to babysit, is struggling in the reeds. When Lark and Alec dive in to help her, Alec hits his head on a rock. Now Annabelle and Alec are both in trouble, and Lark can only save one of them.

With that split-second decision, Lark’s world is torn in two, leaving her to cope with the consequences of both choices. She lives two lives, two selves. But which is the right life, and which is the real Lark?

Me and Me is about how it feels to be torn in pieces, and how to make two halves whole again. This mind-bending novel from Alice Kuipers, expert chronicler of the teenage heart, explores loss and love, music and parkour, all while navigating the narrow space between fantasy and reality.

Before I begin my review I quickly have to thank Rockstar Book Tour for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour for Me and Me and to Kids Can Press for sending me a aARC of the book to read for my review today.

Alice Kuipers is a British born author now living in Canada and she is a new to me author. I was super excited to read Me and Me and to discover this new author even though she already has many books to her name.

As you know me I don’t judge a book by its cover but this time I have to say that the cover is pretty and very suiting for the book. I know if I saw this sitting on a table at a bookstore that I would instantly pick it up to see what it was about.

This was a pretty quick read and I managed to read it in the course of one rainy day.  I do admit a few times I had to put it down because I was slightly confused at first and had to go back and reread because it felt like I was reading the same story line in just a different way and I was and I will explain why in my review.

The main character is Lark and it’s her birthday. Her dream crush, Alec has asked her out. He arrives to pick her up with a canoe and flowers. I mean right there I instantly fell in love with Alec. What 17 year old guy thinks to show up with flowers?

Anyway at the lake she bumps into a little girl named Annabelle who she use to babysit for. The promise to meet up on the lake. Well things don’t go according to plan as Lark and Alec are out on the water they hear screams from across the lake. Annabelle is in the water struggling. Instantly both jump in to help but in the process Alec gets hurt. Lark instantly has to decide does she save Annabelle or Alec. Tough decision to make and what will she do?

This is where I said earlier that I was getting confused and felt like I was rereading the same story but just in a different way and that is because Lark’s world just got weird. Her world gets split into two different ways, one where she saves Alec and one where she saves Annabelle. Once I got the hang of the story line it all began to make sense.

If that wasn’t strange enough she begins to receive these weird messages and videos on her phone that instantly disappear once she reads it. She has no idea where this is coming from. Everyone she tells things she is losing her mind but she knows there is more to it and then she begins to realize what is happening and is racing to fix it before its too late.

This was definitely a interesting read because in this book we can actually read what happens when you make a decision and how it can affect your life afterwards. We all struggle with deciding do I do this or do I do that. So being able to read how Lark now only handles one way but the other way as well.

I would definitely recommend this book and I am curious about her other books and will need to look into reading more.