Tsundoku Bingo Spring 2018

You might have seen my wrap up posted yesterday for the Tsundoku Bingo Winter 2018 that  I started in January and when I first stumbled upon this reading challenge I loved it because you are basically using the bingo card as a way to read the books off your own shelves and that is something I need to do more of going into 2018.

I love that this is broken up quarterly so you feel like you are accomplishing a lot of books and not being overwhelmed with a huge list.

This card is valid April, May and June.

The only thing is you can’t use the same book for multiple categories but you can overlap your books into other reading challenges.

So my goal for this Spring Tsundoku is to read 25 books. I am hoping to tackle them all but a few might be questionable so please offer my your book suggestions down below.