Review/ Mad Magic

Review/ Mad MagicMad Magic by Nicole Conway
Published by Month9Books on November 14th 2017
Pages: 300

Mad Magic is a beautifully dark and rich Young Adult fantasy from Nicole Conway, bestselling author of the Dragonrider Chronicles.
Josie Barton is a high school student living in terror. Invisible creatures torment her everywhere she goes, constantly getting her into trouble at school, and even haunting her apartment. But just when Josie thinks things couldn’t get any worse... she meets the guy from across the hall.
Zeph Clemmont is a changeling with enemies in all the worst places, fighting to undo a curse that threatens to end his life. Survival means he will have to swallow his pride and trust Josie with all his darkest secrets.
With the help of a gun-slinging shaman and the enigmatic Prince of Nightmares, Zeph and Josie are only a heartbeat away from defeating one of the most diabolical faerie villains their world has ever known.

I quickly have to thank Chapter By Chapter Book Tours for graciously sending me a copy of the book so that I could read it for my review today.

Just before beginning my review on Mad Magic I quickly had a look back on all the books I have read and reviewed this year and wow its been all over the place with the genre of books I have read and I think that is a good thing because I noticed I am reading genres I said I would never read. Has this happened to you or do you stay true to your genre?

This is the first book in a series and my first time reading anything by Nicole.

Not knowing what I was in for since I tend not to read too much of the description because I like going into books blind. I have to say that I was hooked from the first chapter. You will be riding a roller coaster throughout the book because you never know what is coming. Its action packed. I probably could have read this in almost one sitting but I had to stop myself so that I could take it all in.

Josie (who is 17) is our main character and to the outside world she looks just like your typical teenager and acts like a typical teenager but behind close doors there are invisible creatures wrecking her life. I have to say that I had mix feelings about Josie. We discover that she has lost her parents at a young age and a mysterious benefactor has been taking care of her and making sure she has what she needs at all times. She doesn’t know who this person is and I have to say I was curious to who it was.

Josie quickly learns there is more to her then she realizes and I loved how she sort of embraced her powers and wanted to use it for good. She took it serious which I think was important for her to do.

Enter mysterious neighbor Zeph who is not a human and doesn’t age like a human does but he is in his 20s. He is tall, dark and handsome and very mysterious. There was something about him that lured me in to want to know more about him and what role he plays with Josie. When we first met Zeph I knew there was more to him then he was letting on.

There is so much to say about this book because everything is not what it appears and I fear if I go on I will give away the book so all I am going to say is that this was a fantastic read and I am so happy I got the chance to read and I think you should read it too.

Since this is labelled as Sage #1 I am sure there is another book to come because as I finished reading it a lot of things were wrapped up but there was still a few things that I was wondering about as I left the book. I am curious to see where this goes and I would definitely read the next book.