Review/ Never Apart

I quickly want to thank Chapter by Chapter Blog Tours for allowing me to be a part of the blog tour for this book today and for sending me a e-copy of the book so that I could read it for my honest and sincere review.

Romily Bernard is the author of several books but this was my introduction into her books and I have to say that after reading this I am very curious about her other books and I will have to check them out. That is the one great thing about being able to review books and/or taking part in blog tours because you always find someone you have never read before and end up loving the books.

I have to say right away I love the cover its so bright and it grabs your attention with the color alone and I think if I saw this in the bookstore I would more then likely pick it up based on the cover.

I pretty much devoured this book with two days or so because I was hooked right away but this mystery/thriller aspect of the book. I love reading books that you just can’t put down because you need to know what happens next and this was the case. I was I was capable of staying up all night to read but those days are long gone.

When I was reading this I kept getting that Groundhog Day movie in my head because this is basically that kind of storyline.

Our main character Grace is a typical seventeen year old.  Grace is in love with Ander her best friendwho just happens to be her twin brother’s best friend. Grace and Ander have always felt this connection so its just logical they are together. Grace is living in an alternate reality where she keeps on reliving the same five days over and over again. She is completely clueless on how this actually happened and she just wants to stop reliving those five days over and over again especially since she can’t see to change things to fix it.

So basically Grace and Ander are in a rush to find each other and try to escape from Finn who is going to kill Ander. This keeps repeating and they don’t know how to change it until the last time. In the last fall Ander doesn’t know who Grace is (unlike all the previous ones he knew who she was) and Grace is completely baffled to what happened this time and is trying to figure it all out before its too late.

This is told in Grace’s point of view and it alternate between her life before the first fall to the current one. I wasn’t sure about this but within a few chapters I enjoyed it and it did make sense.

Do you think you could handle living in a alternate reality? I don’t think I could handle living a day or even five days over and over again knowing what the outcome will be. Could you?