The 2015 Listerine Challenge

Disclosure:This post was generously sponsored by Johnson & Johnson Inc., the makers of LISTERINE® the opinions and thoughts are my own.

the listerine challengex

Growing up I always had issues with me teeth and that was partially due to poor oral hygiene. I remember in elementary school my parents couldn’t afford to take us to the dentist for check ups just because money was tight but thankfully the school always had a dental hygienist come into the school to go over the importance of good oral health.

She would go over the proper techniques to brush our teeth and we were required to brush them there and then we would have to swish our mouths with fluoride and then the fun part would come when she would hand us each a red pill that we would have to chew and it would show you what was still left behind. I was always amazed because I thought I had cleaned my teeth but I didn’t do a good job and I always vowed that I would do a better job the next time.

I went from a severe over bite to having braces to correct that so during that process I noticed that I was getting bleeding gums and I used to think that bleeding gums was a result of brushing to hard, but it’s actually a sign of early gum disease.

Over the years I have tried different things and finally after discovering a caring and compassionate dentist we came up with a game plan and that is for me to go to the dentist every three months for a check up, cleaning and following a routine of 2-3 times daily brushing, flossing and rinsing.


My typical hygiene routine is brushing in the morning with the Crest Pro-Health and rinsing with LISTERINE® and then in the evening I tend to use the Colgate Enamel Health along with another rinsing of LISTERINE®. I have tried several kinds of LISTERINE® before settling in with this Total Care Zero. This line of LISTERINE® kills 99.9% of germs that cause early gum disease*. I really need to work on the daily flossing.

Thanks to Johnson & Johnson Inc. for sending me this package of goodies I am able to include these into my  LISTERINE® Challenge‡  as well that I will be doing from may 1st to 14th. Will you be joining me?


What is your daily dental hygiene routine? Do you floss? Rinse?

The LISTERINE® Challenge‡  runs from January 27th 2015 to July 15, 2015 and is only open to Canadian residents. I invite you to join me in this challenge. Its super easy and all you need to do is register and check in each day after you rinsed. You will have the chance to win daily prizes and you will earn ballots that will go into the grand prize drawing of $20,000. 

Doesn’t that sound exciting? Not only are you doing a good thing for you mouth but your also reversing the signs of early gum disease during the  two weeks challenge. So I invite you to take part the LISTERINE® Challenge for a chance to win $20,000. If you click on the banner below it will take you to the challenge.

the listerine challenge

· *with twice daily brushing. Consult with dentist if gingivitis symptoms persist or worsen. Always read and follow label.

‡No purchase necessary, please see full contest rules and regulations for details.

“If you have any comments, concerns or questions about LISTERINE®, please click here < > to contact Johnson & Johnson Inc.”