March is National Reading Month



Did you know that March is National Reading Month?

I always make reading and having books in our house a top priority and its been like that since day 1. Books are important to have and thankfully I am lucky that I am able to afford buying them and I never say no to a book although I really need to stop. Although I know if money was tight I would be going to the library to borrow them like I do in the summer time.

Did you know that millions of child go to bed each night without a bed time story? This was always part of our bedtime routine with my son. He would have his bath, a snack and then it was story time. This is something that we still sort of do but now Michael is old enough to read to himself so he will do that as we get ready for bed too.

Did you know that some children begin kindergarten having been read to as few as 25 hours, while their peers may have been read to as many as 1,000 hours? Every time you read to your child you are improving their learning advantage.

Did you know that by age four, low-income children have heard an average 32 million fewer words than their wealthy peers? Reading aloud is a key way to introduce new vocabulary.

This month Michael and I are pledging to read aloud for 15 minutes a day.

Do you plan on taking part?