Book Blitz/ Street Food And Love

Street Food and Love by H.A. Enri
Published by: Martin Sisters Publishing
Publication date: Summer 2014
Genres: Contemporary, Romance, Young Adult

Sole Eaby, seventeen, has a few complaints he’d like to lodge against
life, the main one being that his dad, Cedro, has recently quit his job
and withdrawn his entire life savings, which included Sole’s college fund.
Why? To launch a food truck business he knows nothing about.
To cope, Sole uses his knifelike wit to moonlight as a stand-up comedian,
and so far, it’s paying off. He’s not only replenishing his college
treasury, he’s making people laugh; but it’s one person in particular he
performs for. Her name is Ava. When the fated bond of humor joins the two,
and they begin a sort of quasi-romance, things begin to seem somewhat
bearable. Of course, that’s when an ill-timed event decides to put another
spin on things. Just when Sole is ready to move on with his own life and
disconnect himself from his father and the family business, he suddenly
finds himself in charge of the food truck he desperately loathes. Here is
where Sole must realize that the answers to love and life are not to be
found apart but, rather, are more like a savory recipe: only by combining
the ingredients will the wonderful flavors reveal themselves. When comedy
isn’t enough, the future seems ever bleak, and a fledgling love has barely
had a chance to bloom, where will Sole turn?



streefoodauthorH.A.’s love for all things caffeinated is what keeps him awake and alert
so he can pursue that glorious tyrant called Nostalgia. And after all,
isn’t that what provokes most adult authors to write stories about the
teenage years they long ago left behind (referring to Nostalgia, not the
caffeine…he hopes)? When he isn’t writing, H.A. can be found quaffing
coffee (Yes, he might be addicted–don’t judge) reading, riding his bike,
snapping photos, making music, working on his theory of everything, and,
on rare occasions, attempting to discover the elusive, and maybe
impossible, secret to time travel. H.A. lives in So Cal. Street Food and
Love is H.A.’s first novel.

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