Summer Reading Club at Our Local Library



You know school is almost over (June 23rd) when its time to sign up at the local library for the summer reading club.

Once again this year our local library went with the TD (Toronto Dominion Bank) Summer Reading Club. We have had so much fun with this program.

The theme this year is Eureka. This year they are encouraging kids to get creative, messy and imagine.

I really love the site this year because there is so much they can do with various activities and reading lists that can be tailored for each age group. Also in another section of the site there is a place with craft ideas and those will come in handy for rainy days.

What is really nice was when I was looking at the suggested book list for Michael I spotted two books I got from DK so he will be happy to find that out. We are going to try to read as much of the books from the list as possible.

Also as part of the summer reading program our library has awesome activities planned for both branches of the library. Some of the activities include Art Attack (the kids will make crafts to decorate the library), making small figurines (using beads, felt and string), painting a floral abstract, game of skill with beads (making your own game with every day materials and you use beads), making a beaded dragonfly, abstract art, making a vibrating toy insect, and match box monsters (the kids will make a little felt monster and a bed for him out of match boxes).

Michael will also be doing lego club (one of his favorite activities) and chess (which he enjoys playing).

I will try and do blog posts about the summer reading club but if you to see pictures I would recommend that you follow me on instagram. The link is on the right hand side of the page.

Michael is planning on making the most out of the summer reading program this year because it will be his last year in the children’s section of the summer club and then he will move on to the teen side. Hopefully next summer when its time to register they will have a lot more geared towards the boys.

Do you sign up for the summer reading club? Any themes?