Author Visit/ Jane Bull


I have been fortunate it enough to have been asked to take part in the Jane Bull Canadian tour. I am one of ten blogs and bloggers that will host Jane on her cross Canada tour.

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By seeing the world through a child’s eyes, Jane Bull’s fresh, original, and energetic designs inspire children to get crafty. Since joining DK in 1982, she has been coming up with fresh, original, and energetic ideas to inspire children to get crafty. Her books for DK include Make It,Made by Me and Stitch by Stitch among many others. Jane lives in London and has three children of her own to practice her crafty ideas on.

IMG_0419I was super excited to have Jane visit and the day finally happened last Wednesday when she arrived save and sound from the DK Canada offices in Toronto.

She was happy to be in Montreal because she had a bumpy ride coming in.

Jane arrived just around lunch time so she grabbed a quick lunch and then we chatted as she told me all about her books she has written.


Jane was excited to meet Michael because on her last stop she got to spend some time with Jasmine and her family from Ottawa. You can read about her visit on


Jane and Michael had a blast together. They talked about all kinds of things from what she would like to do in Montreal, to lego  and so much more.

Sadly the majority of the week it was raining so we didn’t get much sight seeing in but I did take her to breakfast when I met up with some friends.


Its was at our regular spot. I didn’t take Jane and pose her in the picture because I was worried she would have gotten dirty and there wasn’t much room on the table as you can see. So much food but I personally think the table was too small.

So later that day we decided to drive to Angrignon Park.


Its a beautiful park in LaSalle that boosts roughly 100 hectares of land. This park has had some major renovations done. The park is named after Jean-Baptiste Angrignon who was a long time city councellor. The park is beautiful and very quiet. It was nice to walk around and look at nature.


This was taken very close to my tour host’s home. We are in the parking lot of the french elementary school and high school. The white tube in the back ground is a water tower and that is the crest for the town I was in.


Looking for things to do during the rain we decided to head out for lunch and do some shopping. I picked up a few souvenirs to bring home with me. As you can see Michael was being fun behind me.


While visiting I got to experience Tim Horton’s for a nice ice cap on the last day of my visit. It got hot really quickly after the rain.


Another fun thing I got to experience was watching Michael play hockey. As you can see I am trying to sneak into his bag to go and watch him play. He is in a spring league that is 3 vs 3. It was a very fast paced game and Michael scored two goals and their team won while I was there. Sadly before I left they played in a play off game and lost.


My last day there we took advantage of the nice weather and did some sight seeing in my host’s city. This is Stewart Hall Cultural Center.

Stewart Hall, Pointe-Claire Cultural Centre, is a unique cultural venue located on the bank of Lake Saint-Louis offering a range of activities for the whole family: cultural workshops, concerts, children’s shows, conferences, exhibitions at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery, library,  art rental and sales service (Artothèque), cultural associations, etc.

For the citizens of Pointe-Claire, Stewart Hall is a synonym of serenity, beauty and cultural blossoming. Before becoming a venue dedicated to art and culture, Stewart Hall experienced a very exceptional history.



The above pictures were taken at Canoe Club. The day before I arrived Michael was there with his class on a field trip. He told me that they canoed, kayaked, went on a dragon boat, and did a few other activities. It sounds like so much fun and the view was so pretty.


While we were in the village we popped over to the St Joachim church. What a beautiful church inside and out. Last year they celebrated the 300th anniversary. I was told that this is the spot to watch St Jean Baptiste day fire works and Canada Day fire works. Its one of the best spots to see them from.


I have to admit this was the first time I have seen this beautiful windmill in my city. Its one of oldest windmill’s in Montreal and one of 18 still remaining in Quebec. As you can see we didn’t get to see it closer because its on private property. It was so pretty to finally see it. This was constructed in 1709. There has been renovations done on it since then.


I also got to visit their local library and as you can see I was having a little fun playing hide and seek.


Sadly all good things must come to an end and it was time for me to pack up and head back to the DK offices in Toronto to visit my next family. Who it is I have no idea but I am sure it will be just as fun as my visit to Montreal and Ottawa.

I am helping Cindy do a wrap up post and sadly as we were looking for pictures to add some really good ones got deleted.

I had so much fun taking part in this tour and I want to thank Chris from DK for thinking of me and asking if I would like to be a part of the tour. I wish the weather was nicer where we could have gone down town to see some sights but you can’t predict the weather.

Jane I hope you had fun on your visit and I look forward to seeing your other tour stops.

Please check back next week for some reviews on Jane’s books. I was graciously given three of her books to review.