15 Day Book Blogger Challenge…Day 7

This is day 7 in  April’s ( Good Book Good Wine ) 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge . Are you enjoying these posts?

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Today’s topic is:

Talk About Your Blogging Quirks

I have been blogging for almost 5 years (blogiversary is coming up very soon) and by no means do I consider myself a vetern blogger at all. There is always something to learn.

  • I never plan out what I am going to read, I know I should and anything that has a dead line then that will be read first but once I am done I tend to check out release dates and go that way.
  • While I am reading a book I have a a note book beside me to take notes so that when its time to review it I am good to go.
  • When I start doing my review I tend to put it all down and then go back and edit it.
  • If I know I will be away from the blog for an extended period of time I will make sure to get things scheduled to post before leaving.
  • When I sit to write my reviews/post I do it right in blogger.
  • Whenever I do posts I have to have complete silence and alone. I can’t write with noise or people in the room.
  • I can never give a book a point rating because I always feel guilty.
  • I don’t take part in many book things (challenges etc) just because I end up failling and not completing them.
  • I over use a ton of words in my reviews.

Do you have any quirks?

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