15 Day Book Blogger Challenge…Day 6

This is day 6 in  April’s ( Good Book Good Wine ) 15 Day Book Blogger Challenge . Are you enjoying these posts?

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Today’s topic is:

Describe How You Shop For Books

I don’t really have a particular way that I shop for books and I know that there are people who have their way of shopping nailed down to a tee.

As a book blogger I do have a little note book that I list my wish list books and I make sure I carry it around with me all the time. I have even started to make notes in my phone with books I really want to check out.

When I go to the book store, I avoid taking a bag when its offered because that is always deadly for me. I also keep in mind of a budget I set for myself before going into the store because its so easy to over spend.

I will always head for the new releases in both the adult and ya sections to see what is new.

After that section I always head to the bargain books because you never know what you will find there.

Then its off to the adult and then ya sections to check out the books I have on my wishlist  to see if there is anything I really want. Sometimes I even end up scratching books off the wishlist because they turn out to be something that I didn’t want to read in the end.

Finally when that is done I will walk back through the sections to see if there was something I might have missed that I didn’t have on my list.

Do you have a routine for shopping?

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