The Natural Beauty Box November Edition

One of my favorite beauty box subscriptions is The Natural Beauty Box. Its a Canadian compnay which I love.

I pay $21.00 a month for this and its not a recurring subscription so you have to go in and order next box’s each month. Which I think is really nice if you happen to want to skip a month or two.

You can expect to receive 10-15 deluxe sample size products along with a ton a coupons so you can order the full size at a discount.

Your box will always be over $40 in value. Which I can say is true.

Your box will never contain two of the same products in your bag and you will never get repeats within the year (like in so many other of our beauty boxes).

As always in each bag we get a product sheet (which I love because they tell you exactly how much the full size is worth and the sample is worth)  with coupons, along with our invoice (which I really like) and this month there is a project called Project Lipstick Toss where if you donate some money and send in a synthetic lipstick when they reach 100 they will send out all natural replacements.
I have to say right off that I love the bags they are always different each month and so pretty. They are perfect for storing items in and placed on a shelf.
When I first saw this I was like yum a cup cake (doesn’t it look good enough to eat?) but in reality its Temptations Bath n’ Body classic deluxe cupcake soap. The scent I got is Vanilla Twist. The full size is $9.95 (5 oz)and the sample is worth $3.50 (1.50oz)
Temptations Bath n’ Body graciously sent also these Queen Oompabulous Glam-Dust Loose Eye Shadows for us. They are in the shades Fairy Wings (purple) and Fallen Star (silver) both are very pigmented. What I love is that you can wear it alone or as Fallen Star as base and Fairy Wings on crease. I have tried all three looks and honestly prefer using both at once.

The full size is $8.00 (0.25oz) and the sample is $3.00 (2 x 1g)

A company who always sends out different products is Delizioso Skincare. This month they sent a cream stick eye shadow in the shade Bronze Sunlight. Its a brown shade and it blends very nicely. I have used and it makes a really nice smokey eye. This is a full size item and its $22.00 for 0.16oz.
I really like this because its 100% natural, its antioxidant eye shadow, highly pigmented, nourishes, moisturizes and defines without being cakey or crackly.
Delizioso Skincare also sent this deliciousSour Cherry Whip Lip Scrub. This smelled so delicious and it actually made my lips feel soft, smooth and moisturized. Which is perfect for this time of the year.

This is also another full size item and its $12.00 for 0.33oz

 Dr Emerald’s is another company that always sends out little goodies and this month they did it again with the Golden Berries Extra Moisturizing Facial Cream. I love the packaging of this and it smells so good. The full size is $62.00 (1oz) and the sample is $12.50 (4g)
Native Touch provided Rooting Bear Rub which is perfect for this time of the year for dry, flaky and irritated skin from the harsh weather we encounter. Its perfect for cuticles, calluses and even dry unmanagable hair. I noticed right away that it sort of smells like Vicks rub but not as strong. This was perfect on my hands and heels.

The full size is $9.99 (1.8oz) and the sample is $2.50 (0.2oz)

At first whiff I didn’t like the scent of this (natural essential oils of ylang ylang, rose, sandalwood, amber and frankincense) and I didn’t find it to be an aphrodisiac (it didn’t make me feel irresistable, desireable or seductive…sorry) but gradually the scent began to warm up on me and I like it.
This was a full size item. It’s $19.50 for 0.25oz
Fruition graciously gave us a Papaya Orange Split End Saver. The full size is $25.00 for 2oz and the sample is $7.50 for 0.5oz.

The other item they included was Blue Raspberry Lip Yum. This is a full size lip balm and it sells for $8.00 for 0.25oz. It was soft and smooth on my lips and they felt moisterized. I applied this several times a day on my lips and never did I worry about what was going on them because its all natural.

Finally the last item in the box is from a new division of The Natural Beauty Box, its The Gourmet Candy Bag (its not up and running yet but will soon be) and it will be a monthly subscription service for $12/month. Not sure if it will be a recurring charge or not. You will get 3-6 gourmet candies (chocolates to lollipops). This milk chocolate they sent was so good and I didn’t just pop it into my mouth I actually took three bites to get the full flavor and it was really good.

The sample is worth $1.50. I think when its up and running that I would subscribe to this for Michael because he said its not fair that I get packages each month and  he gets nothing. I am sure he would be thrilled to get this subscription.

So as you can see I got a great mixture of things to try out. This month we got 10 products and 4 of them were full sized items along with a little yummy goodie. (Who doesn’t love little chocolates in their boxes?) and this month the items were worth $92.00

Have you subscribed? Does this interest  you?

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