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The awesome blogger behind this is Kate from Midnight Book Girl   not only is she an awesome blogger but she is was one of my roommates for BEA. YAY!!

Midnight Book Girl

Sundays In Bed With….is a meme I’ve started to share the book we’re spending the morning in bed with, or the one we’d like to stay curled up in bed with all Sunday if only our busy lives would allow! For fun, take a picture of the book in your bed, or simply write up a post or comment below sharing your Sundays in Bed With book. Quoted from Kate’s blog.


I am seriously behind in my posts and like I mentioned in my post from yesterday, I am out of my groove and I think thats due to the holiday season coming up and hockey. (Sorry for the upcoming rant)

Not sure if I ever talked about this season in hockey or not but this year its a new team (thankfully he has three kids from his team last year) and its all new coaches (ones who have never coached before) and a manager (first time as well). 

I realize that it can’t be all honky doorie but its getting so frustrating. I think last year we got spoiled with fantastic coaches (they have coached before) and a manager (it was her first year but she is was also a teacher and manager of a local pool- so you know she knows what she’s doing).

We have played six games already. We lost 4 of them, tied one and won on (they had to beat a team of girls to win). As a parent in the stand you see them not meshing as a team. Too many I’s are in the team and not enough we’s.

Michael is in defence (and he is good) but I think he would like to be a forward like he was last year. He is a fast skater. But it seems like he is being kept in that position because he is good and fast leaving the slower kids and not such good skaters in forward positions. This is only my thoughts and opinions.

I have noticed that kids on the team will just quit after the other team gets their first goal. They don’t want to fight to get the puck after that. They just throw in the towel. I think this is where someone needs to say we are still in the game but no one is. Michael knows it but finds it hard.

On some level I don’t think he is having as much fun as he did last year. He has commented to me that this time last year he already had his first goal and that we are now the team everyone can beat and that is going from a team no one could beat last year. Its hard when you see a kid being down and I have tried to cheer him up and he knows his team just doesn’t get it and hopes they will soon.

I told him he needs to speak with his coach (because he would like to play forward) but he is afraid to upset the coach and the other kids so he would rather stay in that position and I think this is why I loved our team last year because everyone got a turn at the different positions and the coaches knew what you were stronger at and left you there.

When I have been asked about hockey from different people (friends and past team mates) about the position Michael is playing and they are all suprised that he is defence because he is that small fast kid.

Perhaps I am just that parent who has those blinders on thinking that my kid is the best and better then other kids on the team…..not!!! We have a few parents who seem to think that their kid is the best player on the team and I wonder if we are at the same game or not.

Anyways enough of my rant on to the book I will be reading this week since I won’t be able to stay in bed to read since Sunday seems to be hockey game here lately. If I was still able to be in bed I would be reading this.

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