December’s Empties

Welcome to my December Empties post. I am hoping that in the New Year that I will have a button for this monthly feature.

This is my second empties post and so far I am really liking this idea. It forces me to use up products instead of opening new ones and leaving the half filled ones sitting around or worse yet not being used.

I love seeing other beauty bloggers empties posts/vlogs because I have discovered some new items that I had wanted to try but never did because I wasn’t sure about them.

When I was getting ready to do this post I honestly thought I used up lot more products then I did. I guess that little basket sitting near my desk fooled me.

As you can see I grouped the pictures into groups to make this post easier to write.

This month we used alot of hand soap and that was due to the fact we were a little sick (colds) and we had company in as well so that tends to happen. The foam soap that was used was all from Bath and Body Works and they were Holly Berry Wreath, Snow Frosted Apple, Iced Ginger Bread and Winter Spice and Vanilla. I loved all the scents of the soaps but my absolute favorite was the Iced Gingerbread and Winter Spice. I would definitely repurchase all the soaps again.

Another soap we used up was the Lever 2000. I don’t know if anyone else has noticed how fast the bar soap now goes. For the longest time they seemed to last forever and now within three weeks its gone. I think from now on I will be using shower gel since it tends to last longer in the shower.

With having a cold I tend to take alot of hot baths to keep warm and I actually used up all my Lush hauls. I wish I would have marked them all down but I didn’t. Sorry but they were all fantastic and items I will be repurchasing. I am hoping to get to Lush again soon to stock up on a few more.
Another item I would repurchase if they still carry its Yves Rocher Apple Delight bath and shower gel. I loved it. It had a great lather and smelled so good. I love the smell of apples. I am hoping that this is still available.
On a recent visit to Sephora I was given a sample of Cake Sugar Cookie Shower gel and I loved it and this is another item I would purchase in a full size. It smells just like Sugar Cookies. 
In the baggie beside the Cake sample was a sample of bath salts and I don’t know what it was but it was something I got from my Sampler Village October box and it was the bath salts from Skinny Dip Soaps. I really liked the smell.
Another item that was used from one of my sample bags in November was the dirt sweet & spicy sugar scrub. The smell was nice but I really didn’t like it. When I first used it I thought there was glass in it (I am blind as a bat in the shower) but it was a chuck of sugar. Although I really thought it would have melted but it didn’t. This is something I wouldn’t buy if I saw it.
This is just an assorted of items. I had run out of nail polish remover so I had to use up my wipes and I really like them and this is something I do repurchase when I go to Walmart. On the topic of wipes I bought some ELF nail polish remover pads and I have to say I am not a big fan of them. I thought they were rather small and I had to use several per hand. This is something I won’t repurchase.
On the topic of wipes when I was at Sephora I saw these by the cash (Express Cleaning Wipes) and this is the perfect thing to throw in a make up bag. I really liked them and they did what they claimed to do of removing make up even long wearing. I will be repurchasing them when I go on vacation.
This month I managed to use up alot of the samples I got and they were jergens daily moisture, (nothing special in my opinion, it was okay), I received the L’Occitane hand cream in a Sephora order and I was excited to try this because so many people love this brand (I was happy to try it out but I don’t think I would purchase this). I managed to use up another lotion I got in my sample box and its Sweet Pea Scented Goat’s Milk lotion. I thought the packaging was a little awkward because the lotion was a little more liquid compared to other lotions so when you snapped the lid closed some lotion would come out. It was a nice smell but I think I would have enjoyed it more had my hands not been so dry.
Another sample I got to use was the Tums Freshers. I normally don’t take antacids because of the chalky taste but I really liked this one and I plan to purchase this when I get the chance. I thought the cool mint was a good taste and like I said I didn’t find it to be chalky.
When I was cleaning up I found another Olay Wet Cleansing cloth so I used that up to get rid of it. It was okay and it will be good for traveling but I prefer using what I currently have now.
One of the reasons I am loving this post is also to keep track of how fast we go through items. This Colgate Total 85 ml actually lasts us a month with two adults. I find it funny because my brother in law goes through one tube + a month and he is alone. How is that even possible?
On to the make up. I don’t know if you can really consider finishing up the eye shadows since the technically arrived damaged. They were from Starlooks and these three were damaged but there was a small chunk in each one that was usable I so used them up. They were in the shades pearl Reflection, Wicked Wink and Almond me27. I really liked the look of all three and I was so happy they sent me replacements.
Sadly, I am ditching the ELF waterproof eyeliner because I think I am allergic to it. I found my eyes got itchy using it.
My holy grail for pain relief is Aleve and I am so happy they came to Canada because I have knee problems and this is the only thing that I have found to really work well on my knee. Love it
I ended up picking up this Secret by mistake thinking it was my normal one but it wasn’t. I didn’t really like the fearlessly fresh scented powder. But now I am back to my normal scent. Also is it just me or does it seem like the amount of deodorant in the tube is getting less?
Finally we are onto the shampoos and conditioners. I used up my holy grail John Freida Frizz Ease (I love this and its so perfect on my hair and I find it fights the frizz. I always repurchase this) smooth start hydrating in the middle of the month so instead of taking out my new bottles I decided to use up same samples and they were Lys Parisien hydrating balm and Moisturizing shampoo. I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to purchase this. In the shower I found it was very drying to my hair but afterwards when it was dry it was soft. Its made with Argan oil.
Lastly was Bamboo luminous shine shampoo and conditioner. I only had the foil sample which gave me two washes so its hard to base an opinion on it. I don’t think I would purchase this without trying it again.
So this is what I used up in December, what about you?
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