The Natural Beauty Box – September Edition

I have stumbled upon another beauty box subscription service and its The Natural Beauty Box.
A little bit about this service:

  • $20.00 + GST (I paid $21.00 for this)
  • Its not a recurring charge so you have to go back each month to subscribe to the box.
  • You get a mininum of 10 samples each month (your box can contain anywhere from 10-15)
  • no foil samples (those 1 time samples)
  • These are all deluxe sized samples
  • Its 95 to 100 % all natural ingredients
  • Every box comes with a guide on what the products are, useful beauty tips and tons of coupons for every product in the box.
  • you never get the same product two months in a row
  • you also won’t get two of the same type of products in the box ie eye creams
  • They ship to the US, Canada, United Kingdom and International

So lets get to what was inside this box this month.

Each month it arrives in a brown box and inside that brown box is this beautiful zebra printed bag. I believe starting in October they will be doing a different kind of print on the bag which I am excited to see what kinds of prints they will use.
Inside the box is an envelope that holds your invoice and a sheet that has all the product, tips, value of the sample and what the full size is, coupons to purchase full size items and about the company and rewards info. Love that is personalized to me.

This is what the letter looks like. (Front and back)

Loved how this was all packaged and I wish there is a way I could take pictures and film at the same time.

So as you can see I grouped the products together so there wouldn’t be an extra ton of photos. I will tell you what the product is and how much the sample and full size are,

Delizioso  Skincare/ Watermelon & CoQ10 Face Mask pouch. The package said this was 1oz but the sheet said 2 oz and the sample is $10.00 and the full size is $18.95
La Mellite Mandarin Expresso Body Scrub. Smelling this you get more of the coffee smell. I got a 2oz sample and its worth $5.00 and the full size is $35.00

Natural Luxury Relax & Relieve Stress Bath Tea. I have no idea what this is and I presume you put it in your bath and soak in it. Please let me know if this is right. The sample is worth $4.50 and for the full size it will be $16.50

Kitty Cosmetics Red Raspberries Natural Hand Soap. The sample is 1 oz at $4.00 and the full size is $9.95 This smells delicious
Shea Terra Whipped Shea Butter Creme. I wasn’t sure at first but a little goes a long way so I will have this for awhile I think. I got a 1oz sample for $6.00 and the full size is $18.00
This is Dr Emerald products. We got sent:
Hair Restoration Spray the sample is 0.50oz for $9.00 and the full size is $32.00. I really want to find out more about this before I put this in my hair.

Natural Hand Sanitizer this is a full size product 1oz for $5.60 this is very liquidy and not like your typical hand santizer but it smells very clean like

Natural Anti-Microbial Hand Soap in Forest Dew. This has a very clean forest smell. Like being in the forest. The sample we got sent was 1oz for $5.00 and the full size would be $16.00 I am excited to try this out.

This is another full size product and it sells for $32.00 its the Natural Luxury Rejuvenating & Nourishing Under Eye Serum. I am curious to see what this will do and hopefully it will make me appear not so tired.
Sorry this is upside down no idea why its like that. Anyways this is Temptations Bath N’ Bodys Lime in da Coconut Body spritz. We got 5ml for $5.50 and the full size is $25.00 which I think is a resaonable price. I love the scent of this so much and its exactly what it says it is. This will be perfect for our long Canadian winter when you need spring/summer to come.
Finally the make up. So excited for this. Ferro Cosmetics sent the Desert Rose Blush X3 and I was really bummed cause I spilled some and that is all I am left with. Hopefully its a few uses. The sample they sent was 0.25oz for $6.00 amd the full size is $17.00

Petal ORganics Glow& shine Facial Primer. I love primer and use it all the time since discovering it. We got 0.25oz sample for $10.00 and the full size is $30.00. I would be curious to know how big the full size is before purchasing it.

The All Natural Face sent this Peach Ice mineral powder eye shadow with sponge tip applicator along with that they sent the cream lip and cheek blush in Dusky Rose. I love the eye shadow alot. It looks darker in the picture. The sample was worth $4.50. I have no idea how much the full size would be.

So this is what I got. Exactly 13 deluxe samples and they have a total worth of $107.10 wow that is crazy and I know I got my money’s worth on this one thats for sure. I am super excited to try everything out and there has been a few products I have begun to use and love them. Knowing that they are all natural is a good feeling.

What do you think? Is this something that interests you? Do you subscribe to this and if so did we get the same things?

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