Glossy Box September Edition

If your new to my blog and are wondering what GlossyBox is let me tell you.

– Glossybox is based out of so many countries so you will have to google to find out if you are able to get it. (Austria, United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Poland, Italy, Brazil, Spain, China, Japan, Taiwan)

-This is the Canadian box and it only ships within Canada.

– Its $15 a month and its a recurring charge.

– You can expect to receive 5 deluxe beauty samples a month.

– Each month you will be asked to provide feedback on the products you receive and in turn earn glossy dots which can then be redemed for a free box. Please note that I think the glossy dots expire. When I looked into my account I see that I don’t have has much as before so you have to keep checking.

So lets get into the September box shall we.

I love that Glossy Box has stayed the same with packaging. I love those boxes because you can reuse them for almost anything.
Another thing they have stuck with is the black envelope that holds the cards. The month along with the product card we got a card from B. Kamins offering 25% off your next purchase.
The first product in the box is Dove Cleartone anti-perspirant and its a 17g sample. Its specifically created to help reduce underarm discoloration. I am excited to try this. I like the smell its not to strong and it would be something that I would try.

Sample is 17g for $1.51

Full size is 45g for $3.99/$4.99
This is a new to me company and products. Its B. Kamins and they are a Canadian company. They graciously sent out a package of their Lip balm SPF 20 and Maple Body lotion. The Lip Balm also has UVA/UVB sunscreens. Even though the summer is over you still need to protect your lips.

There is really no taste to the lip balm and its a thicker formula then most lip balms. Its a nice change to my regular lip balm.

The Maple Body Lotion is an anti-aging lotion infused with honey, vitamins A&E and the Bio-Maple compound. The lotion is really nice and it went on really nice and blended in not leaving my hands greasy. I thought it might have smelled of Maple since there is a Bio-Maple compund.

Sample is (lip balm) 4ml for $5.60

(body lotion) 12ml for $2.73

Full size is (lip balm) 15g for $21

(Body lotion) 180ml for $41
A product I am familiar with is Wella and this is the Wella Mirror Polish finish shine serum. This is sent specifically for my particular hair type. I love trying Wella products and excited to add this into my hair routine.

Sample is 40ml for $16.99
This is actually a full size product

I have to admit that I actually ended up seeing some blog posts before I got my box and when I saw the following product I squealed and did the dance of joy and prayed to God that I would get it in my box.

When I got my box I made myself not get worked up because I didn’t want to face disappointment. Its happened in the past where I have seen items in various boxes in posts or videos and not received them.

So when I opened the box and say this, I was thrilled and so very happy.

This is the outer packaging of the Crimson Amulet Collection. Its a limited edition by NYX. The outer packaging is amazing.
The inside is just like the outside. Its held closed by a little clasp. It measures at 4 1/2 x 7
Upon opening it you can see the 24 eye shadows in various shades which are all so pretty. There is also four sponge application brushes to apply the eyeshadow.

There is also a pretty good size mirror which is about 3×4. Even the inside is very nice.

When you flip the page you see three ladies wearing different looks that you can replicate. The other page holds 4 lip glosses, 5 blushes, an Illuminator, an eye liner and a HD definition shadow base.
I know this picture doesn’t do it justice but the eye shadow palette is very nice and there is a mix of colors from blue, pink, greens and browns. You can get so many great looks with these shades
I’m not sure about the lip glosses and how dark they will be on my but I am dying to try them out. I am excited to try the blushes since that is something I don’t normally wear.
Full size is $25
The total value of the box is $51.83 (-$15 for the subscription $36.83)

I am totally thrilled with this box and love it.

I love Glossy Box and I am a huge fan and advocate of this box. They have yet to really disappoint me. I have been a subscriber for many many months and I love each and every box. If you are looking for a great beauty subscription box then I highly recommend this one.

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