Glossybox August Edition

If your new to my blog you might be wondering what Glossy Box is, well its a montly beauty subscription service available to Canadians and Americans. The American beauty box subscription service is very similiar to the Canadian box (which is the one I get monthly).
Each month you can expect to receive 5 luxury travel-sized beauty products sometimes more. This is a little bit more then the regualar boxes $15 Canadian and $21 USA.

I have to say that this is by far one of my favorite beauty boxes out there. I have yet to be disappointed in this box. I always feel like I walk away with money well spent and with products I am dying to try. So with that being said please note that this subscription service is paid for by myself and I am in no way affiliate with them. This is my honest and sincere opinion.

The only down side, which isn’t anything major in my opinion, is that they moved the shipping dates so they now ship out at the end of the month so usually this is the first box I get in the following month. I know alot of people think that this is the September box and that they miss out on the previous month but that isn’t the case.

I am always excited when the mailman rings the bell to deliver this because like I said above Glossy Box is yet to disappoint and it feels like Christmas morning because the boxes are always heavy.

I love that no matter what they have stayed the same. The same box (which is perfect to reuse for gifts, storing stuff etc) and I hope they stick with this because I love the box.
Another thing I love is that they are still sending out product cards. I hope they don’t switch to doing it online because in all honesty I hate having to go online to find the info because I usually don’t have the computer on in the afternoon so having to wait to see what the products are is a pain. This month we got a note wishing us a happy belated 6 month anniversary (wow I have been with Glossy since it started-green card), there was another card for Befine talking about their products and we get 20% an introductory order) and the final card is the product info card.
Something I have been wanting to try is these Biore Make Up Removing Towelettes. I have been meaning to pick these up but just never did so being able to try them is amazing. These are perfect to drop in your make up bag.

This is a full size product, 10 wipes are $3.99 and they also come in 30 wipes for $9.99 or 60 wipes for $14.99

This is a new to me product and I am excited to try them out. Its the Befine Fine Food Skin Care. I got samples of:
Night Cream with Cocoa Millet & Rice Bran/ Warming Clay mask with Cardamom, Arnica and pomegranate/ Pore REfining Treatment Scrub with Coconut, Jojoba and Citrus/ Exfoliting Cleanser with brown sugar, sweet almond and oats/ Gentle Cleanser with Sugar, mint, oats and rice

The full size: 50 -150ml for $24-$30

This is the Elastoplast SOS Blister. This was a bonus item and I think this would have been perfect for the box in May or June with the summer season beginning but just the same I will be putting this away until next summer.

The full size: 5 bandaids for $5.99

This is another bonus item. Its from Trend Truck and it was a mystery giftcard. I have never heard of this marketplace but it allows you to buy, trade, sell or donate you new or preloved fashions. My card is only $5 so not sure if I will actually use it or not.
I have to say that I love this lipstick. The color is perfect for me. This lipstick is exclusive to Glossy Box and its members and its made by Kryolan.The shade is called Glossy Pink. I think knowing that its exclusive to us makes it all the more special. I was using it almost every day and then stopped because I don’t want it to end.
Another product that I absolutely love is this Ahava Mineral Body Lotion. I love the scent and the feel of it. I am always using it constantly and have gotten it in previous boxes but I don’t mind because now I have a back up.

I don’t remember the price of this but it was an anniversary gift from Glossy Box.

This is what I love about Glossy Box, they always send you something you never heard of before and for me its this product. Its the Layla Smalto “BIJOU” nail polish. The card said it was “inspired by the bold and Italian woman, this collection of nail polish is for those who love to have fun and be daring with color.”

Sadly I don’t think that statement applies to this shade because as you can see its a nude/ pale pinkish. Its in the shade of Layla. I guess I would have loved to have one of those daring shades since I love color.

This is a full size product  and for this its 4.5ml for $11.99

Another brand I love is Sebastian. Glossy Box has been sending out quite a bit of things from this line and I love it. This is the Potion 9 Lite Treatment Styler. Its got a great scent and perfect to throw in your make up bag.

I love this size for that reason when your traveling you can just pop it in and not worry about a huge can.

The full size is 150ml for $20.95


As always I loved my Glossy Box for August and I am excited to try the products I haven’t tried yet and I love the ones I have tried.

This box definetly paid for itself and I am so happy that this has been one box that I am always happy with and excited to get.

Do you get Glossy Box? If so, is it a Canadian or American box?

Did we get the same things or different.

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