Glossy Box May Edition

I am super excited to have gotten my Glossy Box today (Thursday) because I had no idea when I was going to get it since Canada Post didn’t mail out tracking info. I was hoping to get it before I left for NYC because I would have worried otherwise wondering if someone would be home to accept this box since most of these beauty box subscriptions have put “Don’t Safe Drop this” and that would mean if no one was here then the box would be sent to the post office and I would need to pick it up.

Lets get started shall we. Okay its the standard box and I find these ones so much easier to open then most other boxes. Just a reminder that this is a $15 a month Canadian beauty box subscription service.

I love these boxes not only are the simple that you can reuse for anything but they are also very sturdy. No flimsy box here. I have managed to use all of my boxes for something else. Its great to store things in.

As  you can see its still the same packaging of black tissue paper, a simple sticker and a dusty rose ribbon. I love how multi purpose the box is because a have a ribbon from a previous box as my bookmark.

I kind of like the black envelope that holds the cards. That too us reusable.

One thing I noticed this month in the cards was that we got two one in English and the other in french. Not sure if all the boxes are now like that but I thought that was really nice of them to do it. The other card is for boxx cosmetics with a 25% off my first order.

Before even looking at the card I knew this would be another fantastic box because it was heavy and that is always a good sign.

Once I pulled the tissue paper back this is what my box looked like.

Not only did boxx cosmetics give Glossy Box subscribers 25% off their first order but they also included this Cream Corrector in the shade of Melina. I am pretty sure this was hand picked for me since its a light shade compared to others I have seen. So this is actually a full size product at 4grams for $24. As you can see this one product has paid for the box. 

I have never heard of boxx cosmetics before this but I am excited to try this out since its an oil free cream corrector that blends seamlessly into the skin leaving it look natural and flawless. Whats great about this is that is not only a concealer but its also a primer,foundation and brightner.

Another brand I am excited to get is the Simple. I love their skin care products and these two have been on my wishlist to buy and now I can try them out. The bottle is make up remover and the size they sent was 56ml and its worth $9.99 and I believe this is a full size product.

The other Simple product is Facial wash gel. This is also another full size product and its 50ml for $9.99 so being able to try these before I buy is awesome.

If you are like me you probably encounter dry heels and feet and that is from wearing all kinds of different summer shoes and such. I have to say I tried this last night and I love this product. I am curious what night two will hold for my feet. I am pretty sure this is a full size product too. Its 100ml for $3.99 I just noticed that its a new product.

Now if you know me you know I am a shampoo addict. I love trying new shampoos so imagine my surprise when I saw this particular brand. Its Sebastian’s Professional Volupt Shampoo. This is also another full size product and its 250ml for $15.78

The shampoo smells heavenly

So the total value of the box is $63.75 and if you minus what I paid for it ($15.00) it would be $48.75 so this box paid for itself.

I have to say that by far Glossy Box is my absolute favorite. I mean they said they will send out 5 luxury items with a chance of a bonus item and since February they have lived up to that promise and sending out luxury items and full size products. Glossy box is well worth the $15 a month.

Thanks Glossy box for having one of the best boxes out there. Its nice to get these fantastic products to try before you buy.

Did you get Glossy box this month? What did you get? What did you think of it?

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