Glossy Box comes to Party in Montreal

I am so  happy that I stumbled into blogging almost four years ago because it has opened so many doors to me that I might not have known about otherwise and its given me so many great opportunities to attend so many great events such as author events, book conventions etc.

What you might not know about me is that I am also part of another blogging community that involves Canadian bloggers who blog about other things other then books and this community has been so welcoming, supportive and giving.

This was the case about two weeks ago when a blogger reached out to the Montreal members asking if they would like to attend a Glossy Box event here. I quickly replied back to her saying “YES! I would love to attend!”

As you know I LOVE Glossy Box. They are pretty much the best beauty box subscription out there right now.

I have seen other bloggers who attend another beauty box subscription event and was so jealous but then again that happened in Toronto so I was okay with it and wondered when Montreal would do something like this? Well low and behold Glossy box read my mind and came.

I had no idea what to expect when I was arriving. All I knew was that their would be a beauty bar, braid bar, and a candy bar. Sadly I arrived late (due to traffic) and wasn’t able to take part in the beauty (make was being done with tips) and braid (hair was being done as well) bars. I missed the candy bar all together as it must have been hiding in  a corner somewhere.

Anyways when I stepped off the elevator, I was greeted by a check in line and while I was there I entered my business card for a huge gift basket of goodies. Emily was super nice and friendly. As I left the table I saw a sidewall that was stacked with tons of Glossy box boxes (I wish I would have snapped a photo.) and a line of pretty pink gift bags.

Don’t they look so pretty. I wonder what it was like when the doors first opened? From the entrance I was walking around and spotted this table. Its a display of all the Canadian Glossy boxes. From February to May.

Another item on display was Sebastin as this was include in our boxes recently.

This is just another shot of the boxes. It was nice to see the other products that were in the boxes.

Every where around the Spa there was these beautiful flowers. They smelled so good and they were in my favorite color, pink.

Just before leaving I was asked if I wanted to step inside the Glossy box and honestly  I couldn’t resist. It was so pretty.

The box is the exact replicate of what we get monthly and I love the look of it.

I also got to meet Jillian who I believe is Public Relations with Glossy Box. She was super sweet and nice. I told her how much I love my Glossy Box and this is by far the best box out there. I look forward to working with her again.

When it was time to leave we were handed this awesome pink bag and OMG it was heavy and a Glossy Box. I love the bag and just like their boxes it was elegant and simple.

It also smelled so good. I noticed the smell as I was driving home. That really peeked my curiousity. What was in the bag that made it smell so good?

Jillian and I stepped in to the Biore photo booth and she was so funny. Thanks Jillian.

A sneak peek into the bag. All I have to say is that Glossy Box spoiled the attendees above and beyond what I was expecting. So thank you Glossy Box for this.

I just love their logo. Elegant and simple.

When I removed the tissue paper I was in total shock because wow this is amazing. I felt so spoiled and pampered. I had no idea where to begin when I saw this.

This cute little make up bag caught my attention. Its actually bigger then what it looks like.

Not to bombard you with a thousand pictures although there is alot in this post and I apologize, I thought I would just group a bunch and take pictures for you.  This one includes: Evian Brumisateur facial spray (150ml), Sebastin Re-Shaper hair spray (300g) , Marc Anthony Salon Expert color care hair spray (250g), John Freida Frizz-Ease (60ml so excited I have been wanting to try this), Algemarin Dry Shampoo (200ml, this is a new to me product but excited to try it), Wella Brilliance Conditioner (250ml LOVE this) and Wella shampoo (300ml LOVE this too)

Boire Combination skin balancing cleanser (200ml) This is also a new product I am excited to try. The next product which I haven’t heard of until this is the Elin Blanco (115ml) its a hair serum that you put in your hair.

So you remember that cute make up bag from above? Well inside that was a Bailey’s blush duo (9g). I was excited to get this because this was in a recent box. Impress is a press on manicure (24 nails so thats two uses) that I have been seeing around lately and what a cute idea you just peel and press. I got Alegmarin (15ml) recently and loved it and didn’t get the chance to go out and buy more so this will be nice to use again, we got some more Beauty so clean products (wipes x4 / spary 8ml), Kiss fake eyelashes and then from It Cosmetics I got an brow power iniversal brow pencil and water proof concealer and it came in the shade of neutal/medium.

Then if that wasn’t enough we all got the May box.

I got a similiar box with the exception of the Pandora lipstick. Its the shade of butterscotch. Its a full size product and sells for $16. It was creamy and non sticky. I think mine tasted like spearmint.

You can check my previous post to see more about the May box.

Thanks so muc once again to Jillian and Glossy Box for allowing me to attend this fantastic event. I hope you will come back again.

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