(Author Interview) Catherine McKenzie

When I was contacted in November to be part of the Arranged tour I was really excited because I wanted to read Catherine’s newest book and I was also able to interview Catherine again. I got to interview Catherine last year when she was promoting her first book Spin. You can click here to read that interview.

So without further hesitation here is my interview with Catherine. I hope you enjoy it.

Cindy:Thanks again for letting me interview you.. I truly appreciate it.
Catherine: NO, THANK YOU!

CINDY: As I mentioned in my review yesterday for Arranged I am a huge Anne of Green Gables fan. I have read all the books, watched the show when it was on tv, and actually ended up honeymooning on Prince Edward Island. We took part in anything and everything Anne of Green Gable-ish. Even seeing the stage version of it all.

Anne of Green Gables has always been my favorite books growing up and I am curious why did you use the name Anne Shirley Blythe for your main characters name? Are you a fan of Anne of Green Gables?

CATHERINE: I am a very big fan of Anne of Green Gables. I named the main character after her because one of the themes I wanted to explore in the book was how someone who might have grown up named after someone like Anne might have turned out, romantically, and what she would do if confronted with an unusual way of meeting the “man of her dreams”.

CINDY: I think Megan Fellows did an excellent job as Anne and Gilbert Blythe need I say more? Yea I had a crush on him. I am sure I wasn’t the only girl?

Did you have to do alot of research on arranged marriages?

CATHERINE: I did do some research on arranged marriages in certain cultures, but the main premise is about a service that I made up, so my research was mostly in my imagination.

CINDY: What was the inspiration for using this as a theme in the book?

CATHERINE: One day the idea just struck me: “What kind of person would use an arranged marriage service?” I loved the idea and wanted to explore it. As to what made the idea pop out, it was likely a combination of me knowing a few people who have had “traditional” arranged marriages, The Bachelor and some other reality shows I’m embarrassed to remember the name of.

CINDY: The Bachelor was a guilty pleasure for me to watch. I have to say that I am actually interested in the idea of arranged marriages. I am a firm believer in, its whats inside that is the most important and I have to thank my grandmother for instilling that it me.

With your busy working schedule (Catherine is a litigator, she teaches part time at McGill and she is on many professional associations) how do you find time to write?

CATHERINE: People always ask me this and it’s a tough one. I try to write a little at night, more on the weekends. But, while my two books, SPIN, and ARRANGED, are coming out a year apart, I actually started writing ARRANGED in 2006, and SPIN in 2008.

CINDY: Oh really and here I thought Spin was written first. Which leads me to my next question, Are you working on anything now?

CATHERINE: I am working on another novel which I’ll hopefully be able to tell you about soon.

CINDY: Oh really I can’t wait. I might have to ask you again when I go to your next book signing.

If you could have dinner with a famous person (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

CATHERINE: I guess I have to say: Lucy Maud Montgomery. Seriously, I read the first volume of her correspondence several years ago and I think she had a fascinating, if not that happy, life. I’m sure a conversation with her would be very interesting.

CINDY: I want to thank you again Catherine for taking the time out of your busy schedule (holiday season and all) to answer my questions. I truly appreciate it and I am looking forward to getting to see you again very soon.

I thought I would include the photo from the Spin signing I got to attend last year.

Catherine McKenzie was born and raised in Montreal, Canada. A graduate of McGill University (B.A. ‘95 in History (Hons)) and McGill Law School (BCL & LLB ‘99), Catherine practices law in Montreal. Her first novel, SPIN, was published by HarperCollins Canada in January, 2010. It debuted at #15 on the Globe & Mail Canadian best-seller list. Catherine did a happy dance upon learning the news from her editor. Her second novel, ARRANGED, will be published by HarperCollins Canada in January, 2011.


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