(Review) The Butt Book

TITLE: The Butt Book
AUTHOR: Artie Bennett
PUB DATE: December 2009
PUBLISHER: Bloomsbury USA Children’s Books

SOURCE: Received a copy of the book from the author

Synopsis from Amazon
Make way for the butt!

Tall butts, short butts, round butts, flat butts.
Butts on mummies and butts on mommies.
Butts on giraffes and elephants and dogs and… FISH?

Yes, even fish butts are celebrated in this tribute to backsides, rumps, tushies, keisters, heinies, and derrieres. Dozens of funny rhymes and pages of laugh-out-loud pictures pay homage to a body part that keeps kids and grown-ups giggling with glee.

Bottoms up!

Shortly before Christmas I was contacted by Artie to see if I would be interested in reading and reviewing his children’s picture book The Butt Book. When Artie send me the PDF of the book I called Michael over right away and we sat and read the book together.

We laughed at the story which rhymed and at the illustrations which were bright and colorful. This was a fun read because there is no other book like it. Like Artie mentions the butt has been neglected. Thankfully Artie brings the butt forward for us to enjoy.

Just imagine if we didn’t have a butt (bum, tush, derriere) how would we sit?

When you look at the cover you think that the book will be talking about animal butts and the two humans are kind of hidden but nope you won’t only find animal butts but human butts as well. Butts come in all shapes and sizes, from humans to animals. Plus the one thing that butts and our faces have in common is our cheeks.

The book is written with clean humor that the kids will get and laugh it.

This is a great picture book which I am sure will be a big hit amongst the boys seeing as boys seem to think butts are funny.

I enjoyed reading this book with my seven year old and being able to watch him laugh was one of the best feelings in the world.

You can check out Artie Bennett’s blog for some great trivia and jokes plus a whole lot more.

Thanks Artie for sending me your book to read and review. Check back tomorrow when I have a guest post by Artie to share with you.

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