Local Book Blogger Meet Up September Edition

One of the best things I love since starting my blog two years ago is getting to meet up monthly with fellow book lovers/bloggers Avis, Donna, Linda and Tina. Since the last meet up in August I was contacted by another local blogger wanting to take part in our meet ups, so on Sunday (today) we all got to meet Amanda from the blogTales and Treats. If you haven’t checked out this new blogger be sure to hop on over and say hi.

By the way if you happen to be in the Montreal area and would love to join us please contact me or any of the other bloggers for info.

We met at our regular tea shop for some great drinks and food. I love their spicy hot apple drink because its a great fall drink and of course the hot chocolate was really good. Although towards the end I was thinking of ordering a cold drink because the tea shop was very warm but in the end changed my mind.

We exchanged books and I was able to pass on a few titles to the group and I came home with only two borrowed books that are Linda’s and they were:

I love reading manga’s since discovering them earlier this year. I find them to be a great read in between books and also because they are pretty much a quick and easy read. I still have a bunch that I picked up earlier this year at a library book sale that I am slowly starting to dig into.

During our meet ups we always talk about out blogs, books (such as what we are reading, getting in the mail, waiting for etc), our lives (what we are doing outside of reading and blogging) and really pretty much of anything that comes to mind. Of course there was talk about BEA again and so far Donna and Linda will probably be going. The rest of us aren’t sure yet. I have mentioned that I am really hoping that BEA and ALA will join forces for 2012 and have BEA in Chicago because I know I can and will be able to pull that trip off.

This meeting there was a bit of excitement happening in the neighborhood, actually at the next corner. We were sitting and talking when we were seeing all kinds of firetrucks going by we discovered there was a fire in one of the triplex’s. Thankfully no one was seriously hurt. So in case you read Donna’s post about the meet up and was wondering what she meant by firemen you will now why. I admit I like a man in a uniform as this was an on going joke at the table.

So this was our meet up looking forward to the October one.

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