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Its that time of the week again where I highlight the magazines I got this past week. Did you get any? This week’s post is all bought magazines.

Parents October 2010
Family Fun October 2010
Womans World October 4th
People October 4th
Us Weekly October 4th

Montreal Families

Montreal Families is a local magazine that is filled with great articles and activities happening in the city in October. With school back in there is always a head lice note that is sent home so knowing what to do is important. I know some cities in the US has this type of magazine out. I love reading this because I am able to find out what is happening in the city (I live in the burbs and this info is not always known to us) for family activities and can plan outings this way.

This week in US Weekly they mentioned the new show starting on TLC called Sister Wives. Is anyone going to watch it?

One article that I enjoyed reading was Homeless to Harvard author ” I can finally give back?” Liz Murray’s new book Breaking Night just came out and its already hit the New York Times Best Seller List. In 2003 there was actually a lifetime movie made about her. She was born in NYC to drug addicted parents with HIV. Growing up when her and her sister had no food they took to eating chapstick and toothpaste. They went to school disoriented from hunger and made fun of because of their dirty clothes and lice. Liz’s mother died from aids and when she was 15 her life spiraled out of control she was dating a druggie and living in sleazy motel rooms. It took a woman down the hall to be murdered to make Liz snap out of it and make a change. I loved the message behind her story and that is to “take responsibility over your own life and don’t blame others for your misfortune.”

I didn’t notice this click here to see it until I got home in this past weeks issue of People magazine. I enjoyed the article on Marlo Thomas, did you know she has a book coming out September 28th called Growing Up Laughing: My Story and the Story of Funny? I also enjoyed the article on Jennifer Grey. Wonder how far she will get on Dancing With The Stars?

I always pick up Family Fun because its a great monthly magazine. Always filled with a ton of crafts and things to do that we love doing on ped days. This issue was the Halloween issue so there was custom ideas and some great crafts. I will include some pictures next month.

Parents magazine is something I don’t always pick up unless there is something on the cover that peaks my interest. This month there was several headlines that caught my attention such as the Halloween section (costumes, games and treats), bully proof your child (although this really isn’t an issue at Michael’s school), bake sale treats (always nice to read for ideas) and finlly a grocery list make over.

Once I started to flip through the magazine I realized that the grocery list make over wasn’t what I thought it was going to be. I actually thought a make over instead it was an alphabet of different foods to add to your list such as egg plant, fava beans, hummus etc. I ended up enjoying the article Remedies for the Witching Hour, surefire strategies for preventing evening meltdowns. Having kids you know how stressfull dinner time can be and making it through that hour is critical without someone loosing their cool. Some of the tips were before beginning your evening routine get outside for a bit to unwind, have a kiddie cocktail hour, get kids involved in meal prep, and a few others.

This is what I read and enjoyed, what about you?

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  1. amandawk says:

    I’ll have to look out for Montreal Families. I saw a preview of Sister Wives and thought it looked interesting. I have read a couple books about that lifestyle and am very intrigued by it. I have one I need to do a review on about a woman who escaped.

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