Vacation 2009

As you may have noticed last week I was on vacation for 5 days and we went to Lake George, NY. This was the first time I was there and I had no idea what to expect but was really looking forward to getting out of Montreal for a few days.

When we left Montreal we had no reservations so we basically said that we would go and see what we could find and if nothing then we would head to Albany or Plattsburg. Thankfully we were in luck and their was plenty of places to stay. Apparently tourism was down this summer and was picking up the week we were there.

We drove around and decided that we would rather stay out of the down town area of Lake George. We knew it would be busy and loud so we drove out of the city and made our way along and looked at places. Some of the places seemed to be priced a little too high for what was being offered. We found a cheap place in Diamond Point and got a cabin by the lake.

This is us on the dock at the cabin. Behind us is Lake George. It was so peaceful to just sit and watch the sites. Plenty of boats on the lake.
This is another shot from the dock. There was also a tiny beach there too.

There is so much to see and do there that sadly we didn’t get to do or see it all in the five days we were there. We needed a longer vacation.

One of things I did notice was the differences in the borders. Crossing over into the US its very hig tec security and I realized how much has changed since 9/11. We crossed over by the Lacolle Border. Saturday when we came back we were in line to cross over to Canada for well over an hour and Canada had nothing like the US security.

Anyways what did we see and do you are wondering. Well Tuesday night we drove into town and walked around had ice cream and listened to an Elvis impersonator. If I didn’t know that Elvis was dead i would have sworn it was him. He was very good. Also while we were eating our ice cream the pub beside it has a singer singing and he was really good.

Wednesday we went and played mini golf at Around The U.S.A. This was a great little course and we had alot of fun. It was great to see so many US landmarks such as NY subway, oil well in Texas, Empire State building and the Statue of Liberty. We had lunch at this great little cafe over looking Lake George and the ships.

Thursday was another fun packed day. Right across from where we were staying was a library so we went to check it out. It was such a cute and quiet little building. It wasn’t very big but I was surprised at all the new releases they had. Found out that if we were visiting a week we could have borrowed books or videos.

That morning we headed down to the dock and discovered we had some company two beautiful ducks were there looking for food. It was alot of fun to watch them and seeing them follow us. I think they were hoping that we had some food to give them.

I loved being on the dock it was so quiet and peaceful. I wish I could have spent more time there.
We did a horse and carriage ride and got to see some sights and had a beautiful horse named Big Jake. We ate lunch by the water again this time it was McDonalds nothing fancy. By the way has anyone ever had Sweet Tea? I am so hooked on that and they don’t have it here in Canada 🙁

That night we decided that we wanted to do the fire works cruise. The town of Lake George does this every Thursday night from the beginning of July to the end of August. It was a beautiful show that last at least 30 minutes or so. They were the best fireworks I have ever seen part from the Fourth of July ones we watch on TV.

We were suppose to leave on Friday but since the weather was so nice we decided to stay another day and thankfully the place we were staying at had room. I managed to get a little shopping done while Michael was in the arcade which he loved because you got tickets that you could redeem for prizes and he had a blast. Then it was off to Pirate’s Cove for another mini golf game. I didn’t play this time but Michael had a blast.

Seeing as it was our last night in Lake George we decided to go out for supper and found this great spot called Jaspers. While we were eating outside we saw some Amish walk by. It was so strange to see it as I have never seen that before. I enjoyed listening to them speak as it was in their language. That night Michael wanted to go back to Around the World to play mini golf. He loves to play the game. This side of the course was landmarks of the world. Countries that were covered was Germany, Canada, Japan, England, Ireland, etc.

Then on Saturday we packed up and went into town for the last time. Michael needed his fix at the arcade (he was like a gambler needing to play one last time) and then we went to Gooney Golf for one last game of mini golf. On the plus side of all this mini golf my game has improved alot.

It was a great vacation and it felt good to get away and sit by the dock and pool and not have a care in the world. Now we are back to reality with two weeks before school starts. So it will be busy here for another few weeks until a routine is in place again.

I was lucky and got to read 2 and a half books while on vacation. Look for the upcoming reviews this month.

This is the paddle boat on Lake George that does tours of the lake. We didn’t get to do that one which is too bad as it looks like a great boat.

I took close to 600 photos so picking out ones to post was really hard. I hope you enjoyed the little glimpse into our vacation.

Have you ever been to Lake George? If so what was your favorite things to do?

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