Just a note to my readers

I just wanted to leave this note on my blog since I can’t possibly email you all. I will be MIA (missing in action) for a little while. I will know more on Monday and I will be able to update then.

Friday evening as I was making supper i managed to burn my right hand (which is my writting hand) which was entirely a stupid mistake on my part and can’t figure out why I did it. Stupid mistake of the week. I was making a glaze for ham I had cooking. The burner was on (forgot to turn it off) so once the glaze was ready poured it over the ham and put pot in sink to wash. Washed the pot and put it back on that same burner that I had left on. When I was read to take the ham out of the oven I picked up that pot and touched it, for no apparent reason. I ended up going to the clinic cause the hand was still burning and blisters formed with an hour of burning my hand. So my hand is wrapped up now and I go back on Monday for a bandage change.

Yea the dumbest thing ever I know. LOL

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10 thoughts on “Just a note to my readers

  1. Tina says:

    Take care of yourself Cindy. I did something similar a few weeks ago – left the burner on (not sure why i did this) and then put a wooden tray on the burner – in less than 2 seconds, flames were shooting up from the burner – thank goodness I reacted quickly – I could have easily burned down my entire building of 70 apts….

    See you in a few weeks.

  2. avisannschild says:

    Oh Cindy, that sounds horrible! I hope you are not in too much pain! Don’t worry about being MIA; we will be waiting for you when you get back. Hope you can still manage to hold a book, so you can read in the meantime!

  3. Luanne says:

    Not dumb at all Cindy. I’ve actually put my hand on a burner that I’ve forgotten to turn off. I really hop your hand is okay! And that you can still turn pages!

  4. Wrighty says:

    Oh Cindy, burns are awful! It’s so easy for it to happen and can be so painful. It’s good that you had it looked at right away. You don’t want it to get worse or infected. We’ll be waiting for you. The doctor will probably tell you to take the week off from everything and just relax and get well. 🙂 Someone else will have to do all of your work for you! And you’ll have to read one-handed! Feel better!

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