**Kitty Goes to Washington Review

This is the second book in the Kitty series.

Kitty has taken her show on the road. She broadcasts her show live on Friday nights from a different city each week. As Kitty is on her cross country journey she talks to her lawyer who tells her that she has been called to appear before a Senate hearing in regards to the Center for the Study of Paranatural biology.

As Kitty enters Washington she comes upon a road block thinking its an accident at first but then realizes that they were looking for her. The Vampire Mistress, Alette, has offered Kitty protection. Kitty is unsure at first why she would be offering to protect Kitty. When she meets with Alette she informs Kitty that its not safe for her and that she must always be with a body guard. We know Kitty and know that she won’t go for it she will rebel. Which she does of course. There would be no story if she did.

Kitty’s first night in Washington she has been invited to an Art Exhibit. She is forced to bring Leo with her. At the gallery she leaves to go to the bathroom and bumps into Luis who is a hot Brazilian were-jaguar. They manage to escape Leo and he brings Kitty to Crescent. Crescent is a place were all were-animals gather. She meets Ahmed who is the leader and speaking with him she realizes he does things differently then what she is use too.

Kitty is hoping to talk more with Dr Flemming and find out more about Elijah Smith. She is a little surprised when she finds out he has been called to testify at the hearing. What is Elijah’s story and can he really cure the supernatural?

It was really nice to see that Carrie mentioned some well known Washington landmarks in the book and that Kitty wanted to see all the tourists spots. This showed the human aspect of Kitty.

Thank you to Miriam at Hachette for sending me this book. I am really enjoying the series so far and I am happy that I decided to step outside my comfort zone to read them. This is a genre of books that I normally wouldn’t have read on my own. Thank you again.

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