The Bears We Know Review

PUB DATE: February 1, 2009

The book starts with a house at the end of our road. We find out that its a big, brown house with lots of windows and a long staircase. Inside the house lives bears, but no one has seen them but they know what the bears do.

The bears sleep in, they sit in the windowsill and drink coffee while picking food out of their fur, they growl when anyone gets close, they pick up old couches fromt he dump and bring them home, their exercise is jumping on the couches till the springs are gone, they watch cartoons and game shows, they don’t go to school or work and eat whatever they want. The bears go out before lunch wearing tight bathing suits and singing, pretending they are in a sauna. They never clean up they throw sawdust around if the place starts to look too clean.

Michael thought that the bears were lucky because of the life they lead and he said he wished he was a bear. He liked that the bears didn’t follow the rules and that they did what ever they wanted to.

This is another great Canadian Children’s author. She is a teacher, author and musician. She lives in British Columbia.

Thank you to Stella at Annick Press for sending us this book to read. Michael really enjoyed the book.

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