My Friend Mei Jing Review

PUB DATE: February 1,2009

Mei Jing came to Monifa’s school and they’ve been best friends ever since first grade. They’re both artistic. They both love the color purple. They love to play at each other’s houses. When they play at Monifa’s they play dress up, and when they play at Mei Jing’s house they draw pictures.

Mei Jing gets a new puppy in March and the girls take the dog to the park so that he can run around. The girls both want to be veterinarians when they grow up.

When Chinese New Year comes the girls learn the Dragon Dance and they perform it at the community center for everyone. After the party Mei Jing’s parents give the girls red envelopes with money. They have made these at school and put chocolate coins in them. Mei Jing gets these for birthday presents and when she gets good grades.

When Monifa’s birthday comes she invites Mei Jing. Monifa gets cornrows in her hair and Mei Jing wants them too but she doesn’t cause it takes too long and her hair is too slippery so she gets pig tails with ribbons. The girls go out to play and Monifa’s mother has her African blanket hanging on the line so the girls make it into a tent. The pretend they are roasting marshmallows.

Michael thought that book was okay but it was a little girlish for him. He enjoyed listening to it but I think he might have preferred if it was about boys.

Another Thank You goes out to Stella at Annick Press for sending us this book.

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