Chicken, Pig, Cow Review

PUB DATE: August 2008

The book is told in the point of view of three toys: chicken, pig and cow.

Pig, Chicken and Cow live in a warm and cozy barn that a girl has made for them out of sticks. Even though the girl forgot to make a door, chicken, pig and cow think their home is perfect. Unfortunitly the only thing that isn’t perfect is the dog. He lives outside, and his drool makes it feel as if it’s raining in the barn.

Then one day, they decide to go exploring, leaving Cow behindbecause only pig and chicken were able to get out. Before long, cow hears the dog and then suddenly there is a crash and the barn tips over. The dog is very big and Cow is terrified. The dog wants to play. The dog becomes their friend. The best of it now is that two sticks have been knocked free so now their barn is indeed perfect — front door.

Michael really loved this book. He was so cute he asked if he did that would his animals come to live. He also said that no matter how scary something might look that it might not be that scary.

Thank You to Stella at Annick Press for sending us this great Canadian book. Ruth Ohi lives in Toronto.

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