A World Full of Ghosts Review

PUB DATE: February 2009

A World Full of Ghosts is a book about a world full of ghosts. The book talks about the ghosts that have been haunting the world for hundreds of years. In France its the Ankou the Skeleton and its believed that Ankou appears when someone dies. In Alaska its the Dancing Ahkiyyina. The Inuit know that when the ground begins to shake, the sea rises and boats tip over that its Ahkiyyina dancing. Ireland has The Wailing Banshee and its been said that when they hear her someone has died. Jamaica has The Barking Duppy, in Japan its the Shojo, in England and Scotland there is Silky. Silky is a good ghost she does household chores when people are asleep but if there is a lazy person in the house then she plays tricks and messes up their room. Gee I wish Silky would come and visit me. Don’t you?

The other places talked about in the book is Banks Island, China, India, Finland, Scotland, Paraguay, Africa, Hawaii, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, West Africa, Argentina and North America.

The author also include ghost stories written by young readers which was really nice to see in the book. Kids have great imaginations and are so creative.

Thanks to Stella at Annick Press for sending us this book to read. Unfortunately Michael didn’t want to read it because he said it was too scary for him. So I had the honor of reading this book myself.

Charis Cotter the author is Canadian and she grew up beside a cemetery. She lives in Toronto and Newfoundland. So when I heard that she was an East Coast girl I had to have the book.

Another thing I found out when reading this was that the illustrator is from Quebec. It was nice to see that.

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