Quiet Bunny Review

PUB DATE: March 3,2009

Thank You to Sterling Kids for sending us this book to read and review. Michael loved the book. The illustrations are so cute and life like. This is the first book that Lisa has actually illustrated and written.

More than anything in the world the Quiet Bunny loves the sounds of the forest. The birds chirping and the wind whispering through the leaves. When the sun is setting its Quiet Bunny’s favorite time of all because all the bunnies gather to listen to the night song. The crickets start off first then the owl, the snake, the mosquitoes, the bull frog and the wolf all sing their song. The Quiet Bunny opens his mouth to join in but no sound comes from him. He wishes upon a star and the next day still nothing. So he decides to wander the woods copying the animals and their sounds but still nothing. As the sun is setting The Owl speaks to the Quiet bunny telling him that he was watching him all day and saying that no matter how hard you try you won’t make a sound cause he was a Quiet Bunny and that he has to find his own sound and be who you are. So the bunny begins to wonder who he is. As he is hopping around he comes upon a fallen tree as he jumps over it his paw hits it and THUMP. The bunny has discovered his sound..Thump!

Michael loved the book. I think this is perfect for his age group. Funny enough when I asked him what he thought the story meant he said that we are all different and do things differently that we have to be who we are not. For the bunny it was dancing to the beat of his own music and not the other animals.

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