Across the Pond Review

PUB DATE: September 2008
GENRE: YA Romance

I have to start off by thanking Dorothy at Pump Up Your Promo for inquiring if I would be interested in reading this and to Barry AKA Storyheart for sending me the book. I really enjoyed reading the book. It was such a cute story about love and friendship.

The book starts with Fred who is 15 years old and he is on a plane on his way to America. He is going to go and visit friends of his parents. His parents are away on holiday in Australia. They won a contest for two and were unable to take Fred. Fred had the choice of either going to Scotland to visit his grandparents or to America. He chose America.

Fred has a hard time understanding the American culture and some of the language they use. There is some differences in the words that they use in England and the words used here. For example: Dummy in England is a Pacifier here and Eggplant here is Auborgine there.

Fred is in love with Brittany (the daughter of his parents friends). He sees how quiet Brit gets when Steve shows up and starts threatening them. She confides in Fred about what has happened. They set out to seek revenge for what he has do to her and her friends. He wants to make sure that once he goes back to England that Brit and her friends will be safe and out of trouble.

Brit’s parents take them both to a baseball game. The Mets vs The Braves. During the game Fred catches Chip Evans 500th hit. No sooner has it caught the ball he is hit with offers of how much does he want for that ball. They make a quick getaway. Fred won’t sell the ball for any amount of money. The rep for the Braves makes contact with Fred and Fred makes him an offer he can’t refuse. Fred wants to make sure that Brittany won’t forget about him when he goes home.

There is so many great points to the book that I am dying to share with you but I don’t want to give away too much of the book. Its a really cute book that I suggest you go out and get.

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