Sum Forty Tales From the Afterlife

PUB DATE: Febuary 10th 2009

Sum Forty Tales From the Afterlife is a collection of forty short stories that is solely fiction. The short stories represent an array of possibilities of what could happen in the afterlife.

Each of the stories are different in which we find that God takes many forms such as a married couple, aliens, a woman, and a “species of dumb witter obtuse creatures”.

In Circle of friends you find out that in the afterlife if contains only people you remember. Imagine living in that afterlife? It would be nice and scary at the same time.

Encore is about being in an afterlife that is recreated by all your tracked records ie birth, marriage, death, phone records of every call you ever made and to who, every credit card purchase is retrieved and looked at, school records, video is analyzed for your appearances and basically every single thing you have done in your life. What would your records say about you?

Decent of Species is about being in the afterlife and you are given a chance to come back as anything you really wanted to in the next life and that you should think about it first. The person in the story thought about coming back as a horse but then realized as nice as it would be a horse he realized that when the horse died the horse would have the capacity to ask it become human again.

This was a quick read that made me think about the afterlife and what it could possibly be like. I have to thank Penguin Canada/Twitter for sending me this book to read and review.

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