Daughter of Mine Review

PUB DATE: September 2008

Thank you to Laura for the signed copy of the book. Laura is a local author here in Montreal. She personally hand delivered the book to me to read and review. Laura is a super friendly author. It was a pleasure to talk to you briefly and to read your book. I enjoyed the book and I managed to read it in a day this past weekend.

The main character Tiziana is a very successful mechanical designer who has worked with the same company for seven years and she is making a name for herself. She is a 27 year old Italian and is still living at home with her parents. Her mother has been sick for awhile and then one day at school she collapses and is rushed to the hospital. She is diagnosed with diabetes. The dr suggests that Tiziana should get checked out because it can be heredity. Her mother starts to worry and tells her husband that they need to tell Tiziana the truth about her life.

When Tiziana learns the truth she is upset, angry and feels betrayed by the secret her parents kept from her. She finds out she was adopted in Italy and brought back to Canada to live. She decides to head to Italy, especially Gaeta. This was the village in which she was born.

On her first night there she meets a guy named Gian-Carlo. He is at the hotel for a wedding reception. She tells him everything and he offers to help her out anyway he can. Tiziana starts her search the next day but no one seems to be able to help her. She knows that they know something. After spending the night in Rome, she had a photo shot with Gian-Carlo, she returns to her hotel room only to find out that someone broke in and left a message telling her to go home. Scared she calls Gian-Carlo and he makes arrangements for her to go to another place to stay for a few days. It is there that her questions are finally answered and everything is revealed.

I enjoyed the book. The chapters were short and made for a quick read. There is a little romance and some mystery to the book.

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  1. Laura Fabiani says:

    Thanks, Cindy, for your review! It was a pleasure to meet you and I’m happy you enjoyed my novel. It is extremely rewarding for an author to receive positive feedback and enjoyment of their literary work from their readers…

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