The Change Your Life Challenge Review

Pub Date: July 2008. It was originally published in 2005

Thank you to Danielle at Sourcebooks for sending me this to read and review.

The Change Your Life Challenge is created by Brook Noel who is a life management expert. It was originally published in 2005 and since then over 90,00 women have taken part in the program and finished it with success.

The book offers easy but effective step by step solutions for implementing lasting changes in your life. Every day in our lives we are having to deal with housework, health, energy, joy and purpose, friends, family, money, sanity and centeredness, chaos & clutter clearing, time management and organization. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to have organization and less stress?

The books is divided into three parts. The first part is called the before snapshot and this identifies the areas that are holding us back, what our priorities are& what is important to us and then it tells us how to create an action plan that is tailored just for you and your personal needs.

The second part is about fifteen steps called the toolbox and it will help you to change every area in your life. From building a balance, storing energy to transforming the chaos into contentment.

Then finally the third part is the mini make overs. With each mini make over there is 5 strategies that you need to know that will make the changes in your life.

I am about half way through reading this book again. When I first read the book I just read it and I was confused by a journey number and a life number and what each one meant to me. When I finished it I decided that I wanted to read it again and to find out what my journey and life number was. I also wanted to read it and do the activities so that I could bring a balance to my life and build the life I wanted that was calm and organized.

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