Review: For the May Queen

TITLE: For The May Queen
AUTHOR: Kate Evans
PUB DATE: September 2008
ISBN: 978-0-9821150-7-7

I have to say Thank You to Kate for contacting me to ask if I would be interested in reading and reviewing this book and I was. Sorry for the delay in getting my review up. I really enjoyed reading the book.

The book takes place in the 80’s with the main character Norma Roger’s getting ready to start college. This is the first time she has been alone and away from her parents. Within a few hours after her parents leave her with bags at the dorm, Norma wakes up on the floor with three strangers in her underwear the were playing strip poker and all got drunk. From there it goes on a wild and fun ride through the growing pains of womanhood, life and friendship. Its like Sex, Drugs and Rock N’Roll.

The only thing I found confusing was the last chapter. It starts out that Norma is on a plane on her way to her sisters house. She is planning on living with her in San Diego and she will go to school there. Then it jumps ahead ten years later and talks about her life when she meets up with a guy who use to live next door to Norma in the dorm. I guess with no indication of the change I was confused.

Over all it was a great book that I enjoyed reading. I loved Norma and all the things she did. Looking forward to your next book Kate. Kate has a new book coming out in the summer of 2009 called Complementary Colors.

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