Review: The Tutu Ballet

TITLE: The TuTu Ballet
AUTHOR: Sally O. Lee
DATE: September 5, 2008

This is such a cute children’s book. Sally the author is also the illustrater. She has written and illustarted 21 books. This is her newest one.

Sally takes us to the forest where the students are a bear, fox, mouse and hare who are doing ballet. Their teacher is Ms. Berry who was a former ballerina. The students love the class, but the only thing is that they excel each in one particular part of ballet.

Belinda the bear loves to do high kicks in the air, Harriet the hare loves to spin until she gets dizzy, Fillipo the fox loves to jump, and Mirabel the mouse loves to plie.

Ms. Berry gets worried that things aren’t going as planned so she decides to design a ballet recital that will high light each animals speciality and love. The ballet was a success it was the best ballet ever.

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